Mother Gives Birth On The Street Outside The Hospital After Finding Doors Locked

Sarah Rose and David Patrick knew they would be having a baby under unusual circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they didn't think they would have to deliver on the street outside of the hospital this past week, which is what ended up happening. The Louisville-based pair arrived at the hospital as Sarah was in labor, but they found the doors locked, according to Today.

On Friday during a phone interview, David recalled the harrowing situation. Sarah began feeling labor pains in the middle of the night a week before her expected due date. She woke up her husband and they determined it was time to go to the hospital. They left their other two children with grandparents and headed quickly to Baptist Health Louisville.

The pair were prepared, each wearing a face mask. But they were astounded to find that the hospital doors were locked.

"The first doors opened. The second set were locked," David said of their struggle to get to the labor and delivery unit.

They desperately tried another entrance, but it too was locked. At this point, Sarah's water had broken and things were progressing quickly.

"I tell my wife, 'We need to just go back to the car and go to the emergency room because we know they'll be open,'" David said.

But before they could, Sarah had collapsed to the ground.

"She sits down and then lays down in fetal position in the street," David said of his wife.

He called 911 and was told an ambulance was being sent to help them, but it didn't arrive in time, and it quickly became clear that David would be delivering his son on his own. Frightened by his wife's screams, he listened to the advice of the dispatcher as he helped her deliver, her labor progressing rapidly.

"I said to the dispatcher, 'I see my son's head.' In 5 or 10 seconds, the rest of his body slips out like a wet fish," he said.

Sarah took her mask off and gave it to her husband, who then used it to tie the umbilical cord. Luckily, both she and her newborn son, whom they named Navi, are healthy.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the pandemic has completely changed the way pregnant women across the nation are giving birth due to new hospital safety regulations. As a result, many more mothers are deciding to give birth at home so they can have loved ones at their side.