Sentinels get a new Head Coach

Tim Cottrell’s reign with the New York Sentinels has come to an end. After failing to win a single game in the inaugural season he has been fired, and replaced with Chris Palmer. Palmer is yet another coach with a questionable record as the head man, and it seems that the UFL is starting to fall into the same trap that led to the demise of every other rival football league. It is moving the majority of its franchises around, and adding two more to a foundation that is less than stable.

Before we get to all of that let us deal with Palmer. Palmer recently retired as the QB coach for the New York Giants. He previously has experience running the offense of the New Jersey Generals of the USFL, the Wide Receivers of the Houston Oilers, and the QB’s of the New England Patriots. He was also the head coach of teh expansion Cleveland Browns from 1999 to 2000. There he compiled a record of 5-27.

While hiring a guy with strong ties to football history in New England makes a lot of sense, I would be weary of his results running an expansion franchise, essentially that is what the Sentinels are, and Cottrell already wasted their first year with a winless campaign. This is hardly an ideal situation for Palmer, who takes over a team with no credibility, in a league with next to no credibility.

Now many rival sports football leagues have fallen into the trap of getting their New York franchise up and running. The old AFL had a miserable failure in the New York Titans. The other trap rival football leagues fall into is having their teams relocate. For 2010 four of teh six UFL teams will be in new markets, which means they are starting over at square one.

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