‘General Hospital’ Is Seemingly Diving Into A Drug Addiction Storyline Involving Sasha

General Hospital star Sofia Mattsson
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC Press

General Hospital has taken on many real-life issues over the years, including AIDS, mental health, and the recent Alzheimer’s story involving Mike and Sonny. Now it appears that drug addiction may just be the next one on the horizon for the ABC soap.

Sasha Gilmore is a mess these days since choosing to let Michael go for the sake of keeping his son, Wiley, safe from his villainous mother. However, the pain that she is in knowing that the man she loves married her best friend has taken a toll on her. So much so that she can’t seem to get it together.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Sasha was handed some cocaine from Maxie’s assistant to “help” her get through the Deception photo shoot. At the end of the show, the vial was completely empty. Spoilers from Soap Central tease that Sasha will find her escape from her heartbreak. That seems to suggest that she will be addicted to drugs pretty quickly.

Viewers weren’t too sure if Sasha actually snorted the cocaine or if she dumped it out into the trash. She seemed to have pulled herself together for the photo shoot. Either she did that herself or she had a little help.

General Hospital fans did point out a couple of things about this scenario if she did happen to have used the drug. First off, they wondered how she actually knew how to snort cocaine in the first place. There were no other signs that she did, other than the empty vial.

Another thing they pointed out was that the vial was pretty full, and if Sasha used the whole thing, then it could have killed her, being the first time that she used the drug. Or, she at least would have been acting higher than she did. Nonetheless, it does appear at this point that she used, and this will be the start of a drug addiction storyline for Sasha.

This new story may also tie in with Cyrus Renault since he traffics drugs through Port Charles. Maybe Sasha’s drug problem will somehow be the thing that ultimately takes Cyrus down.

While Sasha is dealing with her broken heart, her ex is battling the mother of his child in court over custody. Coming up next week on General Hospital, Nelle will be introducing her new husband, who is seemingly Julian Jerome. Of course, there could be a twist coming, as fans just never know when it comes to Nelle.