May 16, 2020
Kaitlynn Carter Defends New Photo With Brody Jenner As They Hang Out Together During Lockdown

Kaitlynn Carter hung out with her ex-husband, Brody Jenner, nearly one year after their high-profile split. The Hills: New Beginnings stars broke quarantine in California to spend the day together and take a cute photo, which Kaitlynn posted to Instagram.

In the photo, Kaitlynn, 31, was pictured posing on a bench while wearing a cropped tee, jeans, sunglasses, and Chanel sneakers. A ripped Brody, 36, was seen taking the snap in the reflection in the window behind her. In the caption to the pic, Kaitlynn joked that her ex "reprised" his role as her personal photographer.

It's no surprise that Kaitlynn's photo with Brody sparked a huge reaction on Instagram. In comments to the pic, followers questioned the duo's hangout amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One follower called Kaitlynn and Brody out for not wearing masks while going out in public.

"No masks. Hanging with exes you aren't isolating with, taking photos to show you don't care...must be nice to have money in the US," one commenter wrote.

"Love when people create entirely incorrect contexts and circumstances for photos in their head," Kaitlynn fired back.

When another follower, a nurse, commented that a mask would have been nice, Kaitlynn replied.

"Had a mask behind my back and literally took it off for 30 secs."

Others told Kaitlynn she doesn't need to defend herself. And when another fan pointed out that Kaitlynn and Brody are "allowed" to be friends even though they didn't work out as a couple, Kaitlynn agreed.

"Exactly. #normalizefriendlyexes," she replied.

Another fan wrote, "Friends 4-eva, just missing the cute doggies," to which Kaitlynn replied, "The dogs were there!!"

Following their split last summer, both Brody and Kaitlynn made headlines for their romances with other people. Kaitlynn had a whirlwind relationship with Miley Cyrus, while Brody briefly dated model Josie Canseco. In March, Brody was spotted grabbing takeout lunch with TikTok sensation Daisy Keech.

But the exes have continued to be close friends. In January, Kaitlynn told People that she still spends time with Brody and his family and that she even met up with her former mother-in-law, Linda Thompson, for dinner.

"We're on great terms," Kaitlynn said of her relationship with her ex-husband.

The MTV star explained that she and Brody were together for a long time and that she always tries to stay on friendly terms with her exes.

"We see each other regularly. We have dogs we share, you know, and I'm close with his mom and family, so it's all good," she added.