May 16, 2020
Kate Beckinsale Grooms Her Cat On Her Counter And Offers Him A NSFW Beauty Treatment In Hilarious Video

Kate Beckinsale played the part of a chatty hairdresser in an Instagram video that she shared with her 4.2 million followers on Friday. She cast her beloved Persian cat, Clive, in the role of her client, but she had to speak the quiet kitty's dialogue herself.

Kate was sitting cross-legged on her kitchen counter. The Underworld star was rocking a lilac off-the-shoulder sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up. She had the right side of the comfy garment's over-sized neck opening pulled down to reveal her bare right shoulder. She was also rocking a pair of matching sweatpants.

Kate had her thick brunette tresses pulled up in an elegant updo. As for Clive, his mane was looking a bit untamed. Kate was using a comb to brush his silver fur out so that it framed his face like a fuzzy lion's mane. Clive was wrapped up in a white towel that had been secured in place with a hair clip. While his face might make him look perpetually grumpy, the patient feline seemed like he was rather enjoying his visit to Kate's kitchen salon.

As Kate combed the kitty, she tried to engage in a little small talk, much like hairdressers do when they're cutting their clients' hair. First, she asked Clive if he went anywhere on his holidays.

"That's a silly question, isn't it?" she quickly added, possibly referencing California's safer-at-home order ⁠— or the fact that Clive is a house cat.

However, Kate pretended like Clive had an answer to her query.

"Oh, a couple of times around the garden," she said. "Yeah. See anything nice? Some snails. I like snails."

Kate then grabbed a pair of scissors and began snipping Clive's fur as she talked. She proceeded to give the cat a NSFW salon sales pitch that had her Instagram followers in hysterics.

"We also offer waxing, threading, eyebrow grooming, and anal bleaching, which, I hope you don't mind me saying, I'd recommend for you, just because I so often see you from the back," Kate said.

Clive occasionally looked like he was glaring at the camera as Kate continued trimming his fur. However, he appeared to gaze up at her adoringly when she ran the comb through his thick mane. At the end of the video, Kate fluffed the fur around his face and asked him if she could interest him in any hair products.

Since it was initially posted, Kate's video has been liked over 103,000 times.

"This is genius. I'm literally laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom to pee before I wet myself," read one response to her post.

"Every post I get more and more jealous of this cat lol," another fan wrote.

"Omg you doing things with you pets are soooo funny! Thank you for sharing!" a third admirer commented.

Kate and and her kitty co-star also received rave reviews for a video that showed Clive rocking a floral headdress and looking completely unamused while Kate danced around him.