May 16, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers Confirm Bombshell That Nina Will Soon Face

General Hospital spoilers indicate that one storyline that has been slowly progressing for quite some time now might not have a major twist coming as some viewers had expected. Nina has wondered for several years now who her biological daughter is and whether she actually even exists. Now, new teasers share a bit more about where this is headed.

About a month ago, viewers watched as a young Nelle was shown to have the other half of the necklace that Nina has held onto tightly due to its connection to her supposed daughter. Not only was a young Nelle shown wearing the necklace, but it was revealed that she still has it and it is hidden away in a jewelry box.

So far, neither Nelle nor Nina has figured out they each have half of this necklace. Unfortunately, simply having Nelle turn out to be Nina's daughter won't be much of a shocker for viewers. There had been a lot of hints that Willow might actually be that mystery daughter, but it seems that may have just been misdirection from the writers.

Now, in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, a seemingly definitive reference to this situation was shared. Co-head writer Dan O'Connor noted that Nina will be central in the upcoming court hearing that Nelle has where she will be battling Michael for custody of Wiley.

As SheKnows Soaps details, the week ahead will focus heavily on Nelle and Michael's courtroom battle. Nelle asked Nina to be a character witness for her, and this will put the Crimson editor into a bit of a tight spot.

Nina has started to soften on Nelle and she personally doesn't have any issues with her new employee. General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will struggle to decide whether to support Nelle or support Michael as she'd promised Carly she would.

In the midst of all of this, O'Connor teased that this decision of Nina's will ultimately be far more important than she realizes right now.

"And, of course, for the audience, the stakes are even higher than Nina realizes, as we know that Nelle is the daughter that was stolen from her all those years ago," O'Connor teased.

Based on that teaser, it looks like fans shouldn't hold their breath to see a twist revealing that Nelle isn't Nina's biological daughter after all. There are still unknowns in terms of how Frank ended up with Nelle, and how he explained the necklace that she's had. Unfortunately, it appears that viewers will have to wait for a while to learn these answers.

It could also still be that some sort of twist is coming that adds a layer of complexity to this. For example, some fans have speculated that Willow and Nelle could somehow turn out to be twins and that they were separated as babies. This storyline may not go down a road like that, but General Hospital spoilers do seem to confirm that there is a biological connection between Nelle and Nina after all.