Keith Urban Hosts Private, Drive-In Concert To Show Appreciation For Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers in Tennessee got their own private concert from Keith Urban that they could watch safely from their car.

Keith Urban performs on stage.
Getty Images for Global Citizen / Getty Images

Healthcare workers in Tennessee got their own private concert from Keith Urban that they could watch safely from their car.

On Thursday evening, country music singer Keith Urban treated some healthcare workers in Tennessee to a private concert. The intention was to show his appreciation for those working on the frontlines and risking their own lives while caring for others during the coronavirus pandemic. The concert was a drive-in, so people were able to safely listen from their car while still practicing social distancing, according to CNN.

The concert, which was not announced to the public, was held at the Stardust Drive-In Movie Theater near Nashville. There were more than 200 healthcare workers and hospital staff members that were invited to come, joined by their family members. There were around 125 vehicles at the event, which lasted over an hour. Even though no one could get out of the car and dance, they made the most of it by honking and flashing their car lights.

Urban expressed his gratitude towards these people that are sacrificing everything right now to help sick patients. He even dedicated the concert to them.

“To all of you guys here tonight, for everything that you’ve done and continue to do, to all of your families, we say thank you — this concert is for all of you,” he said.

As TMZ reported, a large screen was placed behind Urban so even vehicles parked further back could still take in every detail of the performance.

Following the concert, Urban explained his motivation behind the event. He noted that he wanted to do something kind for healthcare workers and decided this was the best thing he could do given his position as a musician. The singer emphasized that he was grateful that he was able to put this event together in a way that everyone could listen and enjoy without putting themselves in danger.

“I did this to say thanks to the healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line for us every day. And performing in this environment, with everyone in their cars at a safe distance from one another, seems like an amazing opportunity for everybody to just let go and have fun. And I’m a musician. I have to play!”

At least for now, it appears that drive-in concerts such as this one could be a new way to safely enjoy live music.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Urban is not the only celebrity to rise to the occasion to help others during the pandemic. Actor Tyler Perry previously paid for the grocery bills of elderly residents across two separate states.