May 15, 2020
Donald Trump's Coronavirus Response Is 'Insane,' MSNBC Analyst Says

During an appearance on MSNBC's Deadline, Steve Schmidt, a network political analyst and former campaign manager for the late John McCain, blasted Donald Trump's "insane" coronavirus response, Breitbart reported.

"We are in a state of accelerating degeneracy in this country," he said. "We've never been a country so weak as we are now, so pitied by our friends around the world, so cheered on by our adversaries as we decline. There's no other way to put it. The response has been insane, it's asinine."

Schmidt accused Trump of having stepped back from American values, democracy, and liberty "for years." Amid the pandemic, Schmidt claims that Trump is denigrating the presidency with his "imbecility," "asininity," and "foolishness."

The 50-year-old strategist noted that the U.S. is now the world's epicenter for coronavirus and claimed it's the country where the likelihood of dying from the virus in the future is the highest.

"Our response as a country has been an embarrassment, and this moment of American weakness will take a long time if we're able to recover from it."
Schmidt is one of the leaders of the Lincoln Project, which is a super PAC run by Republicans who oppose Trump. As reported by CNBC, the group recently released an ad that took aim at the president's handling of the pandemic, which sparked a flurry of angry tweets in response.
Schmidt's comments come the same day as the renowned medical journal, The Lancet, called on Americans to vote Trump out of office, Global News reported. According to the journal, Trump's administration has continued to erode the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which it said is damaging to public health and science. The journal called on Americans to install a president that understands the importance of separating public health from "partisan politics."

Former President Barack Obama, who has remained relatively quiet about Trump's performance as president, reportedly expressed dismay at Trump's handling of the pandemic in a leaked private phone call. Obama allegedly suggested that a mindset of personal gain currently dominates the U.S. government as opposed to a focus on what's right for the country and world at large.

Despite backlash for his handling of coronavirus, Trump recently said that the U.S. would be reopening its economy regardless of if a vaccine is created anytime soon. While estimates suggest vaccine creation could take 12 to 18 months, some experts have shed doubt on this compressed timeframe, which allegedly assumes a process that does not hit any roadblocks.