Laura Lux Heats Up Instagram In Harley Quinn Cosplay For Racy New Photos

Laura Lux takes a mirror selfie in a black swimsuit.
Laura Lux / Instagram

Laura Lux gave her 1.7 million Instagram fans something to talk about on Thursday, May 14, with a new set of photos that featured her in a sexy Harley Quinn costume.

The Australian model wore a long-sleeved shirt in red and white with the words “Daddy’s lil monster” printed in black across the front, just like the one Margot Robbie wore when interpreting Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad.

Lux matched the top with a pair of booty shorts made of red and blue sequins. They sat high on her back and bared a bit of her derriere. She wore a black belt with studs around her hips. She accessorized her costume with a thick white choker necklace with gold letters and a gold spike bracelet around her right wrist.

She wore pink makeup on one eye and blue on the other, while a small black heart was drawn on her cheek, staying true to Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn. Lux styled her platinum blond wig in two ponytails on either side. The tips on one side were pink and tied in a matching scrunchie while the other had blue tips and tie.

The first of the two pictures captured Lux with her back to the camera. She twisted her torso to the right to allow her to look into the camera. Her left hand was holding the bat, which rested on her shoulder. In the second, Lux faced the camera, showing off a different angle of her outfit. Her bat was behind her head as she used both hands to hold it up. Her hips were cocked to one side and leg propped in the opposite direction.

In her caption, Lux asked her followers to share which of the two pics they liked best. In less than a day, the photos attracted more than 43,300 likes and over 740 comments. Instagram users took to the comments section to compliment her beauty and costume, while also responding to her question.

“I love Margot Robbie but ummm they should cast you for the next one,” one admirer wrote.

“Girl you are slaying BOTH,” replied another user.

“You are perfect omg,” a third fan chimed in.

“Pic 1 for sure, awesome cosplay,” replied a fourth fan.

Lux is no stranger to posting racy pictures to her Instagram account. As reported by The Inquisitr, she previously shared an image of herself sitting on a bed while wearing nothing but pink bunny ears as she wished her fans a happy Easter. She censored one of her breasts with the help of her hand while concealing the other with her hair.