Abby Rao Flaunts Her Form In Skintight Bodysuit On The Basketball Court

Instagram model Abby Rao poses for a selfie.
Abby Rao / Instagram

Abby Rao, the TikTok star, social media maven, and model, is a regular renaissance woman. In addition to founding Clubhouse Beverly Hills with Daisy Keech, leading a fundraising campaign to help support a cancer-stricken friend, and formerly dating YouTube star and rapper RiceGum, she can be seen engaging in innumerable activities on her Instagram feed.

On May 15, Abby followed up a snapshot taken while atop an Apollo DB-21 dirt bike with a series of photos taken in an entirely different setting. For her latest Instagram offering, Abby took to the blacktop of an outdoor driveway basketball court to show fans her tight form and stimulating ball skills. In the post’s caption, Abby asked her fans if they wanted to play.

Rest assured, Nike high-tops never looked so good.

In the first photo of the series, Abby was crouched low to the black top while resting a Wilson basketball between the top of her right knee and her hand. Her body’s sinuous curvature was accentuated by the pose, as well as the tightness of her cream-colored bodysuit, which seemingly conformed perfectly to her every nook and cranny.

Her eyes peered seductively into the camera’s lens and her lips were slightly pursed in the shot.

Abby was standing in the second picture, as she focused her eyes on something off camera. The basketball was pressed against her thigh in this picture, while her long legs became more prominent and her curves were perfectly outlined in a shadow behind her.

That snapshot was followed by one where Abby had returned to a crouching position. In the third photo, her head was cocked back slightly, allowing her long blond hair to flare out slightly. Meanwhile, the round shape of her backside took center stage mid-frame. The pictorial was capped off by a short video clip of Abby crouched with her ball in hand and shooting a seductive gaze at the camera.

Her black and orange Nikes managed to pop in each and every shot.

Abby’s full-court press ignited her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram to the tune of 100,000 likes in the post’s first hour on the platform, along with almost 2,000 comments.

“I mean I wouldn’t mind,” commented one fan in response to Abby’s caption.

“Cutie,” stated another, keeping it short and sweet.

Finally, some fans playfully jabbed at Abby for bending her feet and putting a crease into a rather pricey pair of kicks.

New admirers should be happy to know that the 22-year-old is incredibly active in posting steamy pics to Instagram. As reported by The Inquisitr and mentioned here previously, she posed atop a dirt bike in a tight white two-piece earlier this week.