May 15, 2020
Hannah Brown Sizzles In A Black Bikini, Blowing Bubbles & Embracing Time On The Beach

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown showed off her fabulous bikini body in a new set of photos that she posted Friday afternoon on her Instagram page. She teased people that they need to bring their own bubbles if they want to beach with her, and it looked like plenty of fans would love to take advantage of that opportunity.

The Friday afternoon post coming from the winner of Dancing with the Stars consisted of four photos. Each of them featured just Hannah as she stood on the sand by the ocean.

Those who follow Hannah's social media page know that the Brown family has been staying together at a private beach home for the past week or so. Since late March, Hannah has been with her family in Alabama, and now they've relocated for some sand and sun, continuing to quarantine together.

In the first photo of Hannah's new quartet of photos, she stood and looked off to the side toward someone. Her blond hair was casually styled. As she was photographed, her locks blew gently in the ocean breeze and cascaded down her back. She wore sunglasses and a fairly basic black bikini as she posed with a smile on her face.

In the second photo, Hannah faced the camera and had her arms stretched straight up over her head. A couple of bubbles floated in the air right in front of her and she had a slight smile on her face as she flaunted her taut tummy and slender figure.

The third photo featured another big smile of the former The Bachelorette star, and the last snap showed Hannah sitting on the sand as she blew more bubbles. In this one, her sunglasses were pushed atop her head and she again had her trademark smile on her face.

Hannah boasts nearly 3 million followers on Instagram and they loved this quartet of photos. In a mere 15 minutes after Hannah first shared the new post, more than 61,000 people had already liked it. In addition, about 250 comments poured in as people embraced this sunny, happy post from the reality television starlet.

"Omg what a beauty," wrote one fan.

"God, if only I could look that good at that angle," teased a follower.

"Natural beauty," noted another fan.

"Yes. This is the time to be silly and enjoy life and you are a sweetheart, YOU ARE A POSITIVE AMAZING PERSON," praised someone else.

The past year has been a crazy one for Hannah and it looks as if this quiet time with her family has been just what she needed. She recently noted that she is still single, but she feels she might be ready to start dating again soon.

Many fans of The Bachelorette are still hoping that Hannah will reunite romantically with runner-up Tyler Cameron, and he recently teased that it's a possibility. For now, Hannah is focusing on family, fun, and the beach, and she appeared to be having a glorious time.