TikTok Comedian Josh Popkin Apologizes After Bizarre Cereal Prank He Conducted On New York Subway

Josh Popkin, a comedian who goes by the username @fckjoshy on TikTok, has publicly apologized after a strange prank he played that earned him some backlash. The stunt in question took place on a New York City subway, according to Insider.

In the controversial video Popkin later shared on TikTok, he sat on a subway seat and poured an entire package of cereal and container of milk into a plastic container. He began eating the concoction with a large ladle, much to the confusion of the people around him. He later got up and dropped the entire container onto the floor in close proximity to others. The other riders, who were wearing face masks due to the pandemic, raced to get out of the way of the mess.

Popkin received major backlash for the stunt, which many found to be in poor taste. New York has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus and viewers found the prank to be inconsiderate, with some calling it "selfish" and "privileged."

In the apology video Popkin posted on YouTube on Thursday, he insisted that the prank had been all in good fun. However, he also acknowledged that he had majorly missed the mark.

"In such a dark time in the world I was trying to do something funny to give people a laugh but I was way off. Not only was my stunt not funny, it was disrespectful and completely inappropriate," he said.

He also apologized to the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, otherwise known as MTA.

"I would like to apologize to the MTA, the essential workers, everyone that I've affected — trust me, I am experiencing the consequences of all of my actions right now. First of all, I'm not funny. Usually, I try to be funny and I'm not funny. I honestly thought it was gonna be something that would make people laugh and bring joy in this serious time."
Popkin, who has 3.3 million followers on TikTok, noted that he's been reading the hate messages he's been receiving and doesn't blame those that are angry. He promised he would repair the damage he'd made and would compensate the essential workers affected by the mess.

"I'm sorry and deserve to be publicly humiliated forever," he concludes.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Popkin is not the only social media personality who has had to publicly apologize after a stunt went too far. A YouTube star named Lauren Love had to apologize in March 2019 after her prank at Walmart went wrong.