Instagram Model Brittany Renner Puts Her Curvy Booty On Display For Latest Update

Brittany Renner posts a selfie on Instagram
Brittany Renner / Instagram

Instagram star Brittany Renner continued to tantalize fans with body-hugging outfits in her latest update. She put her curvaceous figure on display in a tight multi-colored dress that gave viewers an eyeful of her backside.

The 28-year-old was photographed inside her kitchen in the seemingly casual snap. Renner stood in front of her oven and rested her left hand on the door handle, an act which showed her French manicured nails. She was shot from the side and had her body slightly turned to the right, but her gorgeous face was directed towards the lens. The model wore her short brown hair down and wavy as her bangs hung to cover her right eye.

Renner sported a vibrant marble-patterned dress from Fashion Nova. The dress was knitted, boasted full-length sleeves, and the social media influencer wore it with the top rolled down to expose her slender shoulders. She glanced back at the camera for the snap, and sported a big smile. Renner carefully placed her left leg behind her, and this pose helped accentuate her curvy booty.

The Judge This Cover author joked in her caption that she should save these sort of outfits for when the coronavirus quarantine is over. Renner’s 5.1 million Instagram followers seemed to appreciated that she has been modelling these new looks, as the share received over 136,000 likes in a matter of hours.

Renner’s comments section exploded with more than 1,000 entries. Her rumored boyfriend — NBA player P.J. Washington — posted a star-eye and angel emoji in the comments section, while blogger Jason Lee added three heart-kiss emoji. Influencer Laila Loves replied with three heart-eye emoji as well.

“The sky could NEVA look this good! Period,” an admirer wrote, referring to the pattern of her outfit.

“Okay sis bless my feed real quick!” a second fan wrote.

“I see you still looking beautiful then ever you Beautiful Thick pyt you,” another user added.

“It’s not a waste if the Gram sees it‼️” a fourth comment read.

As detailed by The Inquisitr, Renner flaunted her figure in another marble-patterned outfit earlier this week. In that share, she rocked a bodysuit that wrapped tightly around her derriere and was low-cut in the front. The model wore this ensemble while rapping along to a popular Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat song. That post also proved to be quite popular, quickly garnering over 160,000 likes and nearly 1,600 comments from motivated fans and followers.