Former Staffer In Joe Biden’s Senate Office Disputes Claim From Accuser Tara Reade About Why She Was Fired

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 10: Democratic Presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and wife, Dr. Jill Biden, address media during a primary night event on March 10, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 6 states - Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington, and North Dakota - held nominating contests today. (Photo by /Getty Images)
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A former staffer of Joe Biden’s Senate office is disputing a claim from sexual assault accuser Tara Reade about why she was fired from the office.

Reade, who claims that Biden assaulted her in a secluded part of the U.S. Senate building in 1993, has said that she was fired in retaliation for reporting the sexual harassment that she claimed took place. But staffer Ben Savage, who said he had a desk next to Reade in Biden’s mail room, is now disputing her claim.

Savage spoke to PBS NewsHour, saying that Reade was fired for poor job performance, which he claims to have witnessed firsthand. Savage said that Reade had been mishandling a critical part of her duties, processing constituent mail. Savage said it was he that reported the issues to his boss, then-deputy chief of staff Dennis Toner.

Savage went on to say that Reade’s duties were scaled back after this, and that he took over some of the tasks and changed other parts of the process so that she was excluded.

The former Biden staffer said his issues with Reade stood out because there were no others like them during his three years working for the Delaware senator.

“Of all the people who held that position, she’s the only one during my time there who couldn’t necessarily keep up or who found it frustrating.”

Biden has denied the allegations from Reade, saying that nothing like what she described ever took place. He also called on the secretary of the U.S. Senate and the National Archives to release any information regarding a complaint Reade said she filed about the sexual harassment allegations, though both bodies said they were not able to release this information.

As The Inquisitr reported, Biden said in an interview this week that he did not recall Reade during her time working in the office. He also said the allegation that he forcefully assaulted a staffer in the U.S. Senate building does not fit his character — something that other staffers told PBS NewsHour.

“This is just totally, thoroughly, completely out of character. And the idea that in a public place, in a hallway I would assault a woman? I mean, it’s just- I- anyway, I promise you. It never happened.”

Both Biden and his campaign have called on journalists to thoroughly investigate Reade’s claims, saying they believe the evidence will show them to be unfounded.