May 15, 2020
WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Is Still Working Due To 'Financial Issues'

For three decades, The Undertaker has dominated the ring in WWE, but has he made enough money to have a comfortable future? Years ago, everyone thought the legendary superstar would retire from in-ring action after a loss to Roman Reigns, but he has continued in his career. Rumors are swirling that he is still appearing and wrestling from time to time due to "financial issues."

It was WrestleMania 33 where The Undertaker lost to Reigns in a match that was billed as his "retirement match." WWE never officially gave it that title, but most everyone figured it was going to be that way. After his loss and leaving his gear in the ring, fans thought that was it for the "Dead Man." Yet, he has not given it up yet.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, Taker has made plenty of money throughout his career. He is one of the most profitable names in all of professional wrestling, but past situations have not allowed him to hold onto as much cash.

"A key reason for all this, not talked about, is financial issues. Even though he's made more money (due to guys making more money than ever these days) than all but a few in history, he has had financial issues with divorces and bad investments."
Taker is currently married to former WWE superstar Michelle McCool, but she is his third wife. He divorced his first wife in 1999 and split from his second wife Sara in 2007.

The Undertaker makes his iconic entrance

Even though his exact salary isn't known, The Undertaker is said to make "well into seven figures" from WWE. That amount is made just by wrestling a couple of matches a year and making a handful of appearances.

He has already had two matches in 2020, and both were against AJ Styles. At WWE Super ShowDown, he pinned Styles in less than 30 seconds. At WrestleMania 36, the "Boneyard Match" victory over Styles was more of a cinematic event filmed ahead of time.

From 2016-18, The Undertaker wrestled in just eight matches total.

According to the report, The Undertaker is in better standing now financially, but it likely wasn't always that way. Despite nearing the end of his historic career years ago, he was in a place where he likely couldn't yet step away and be comfortable in life. Now, the last ride is drawing near, and he may soon hang up his trench coat and hat for good.