Nina Dobrev Wears A Black-And-White Swimsuit To Hang Out With Penguins In Throwback Video

Nina Dobrev almost blended in with the adorable wildlife on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa. On Thursday, the 31-year-old star of The Vampire Diaries took to Instagram to share a throwback video from her vacation to the seaside city. She looked like she was having a blast hanging out with a group of penguins, and she was rocking a swimsuit that was color-coordinated with their feathers.

Nina was rocking the same one-piece that appeared in a set of vacation photos that she shared on Instagram in March. The bathing suit featured a big, bold shepherd's check pattern that consisted of solid black-and-white squares and broken checks. The garment had thin spaghetti straps and underwire cups.

For her trek to visit the penguins, Nina wore a white long-sleeved shirt with rolled-up sleeves over the swimsuit. She left the front of the garment open, and she wore the sleeves rolled up. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a black headband with a white floral print.

Nina was shown hiking down a walkway lined with trees and thick brush as she addressed the camera.

"Okay. Right now, we're about to go do the thing I wanted to last year and didn't," Nina said. "It's the coolest thing in the entire world. It's a private beach where penguins reside, and I'm going to go make friends with them."

A smiling Nina stated that she was "so excited" about getting to meet the beach's feathered residents. The video then cut to a shot of the actress leaping off a massive boulder and landing in the soft sand. She then proceeded to crawl between the boulder and another huge rock of equal size. Nina told the camera that she was "looking for penguins," and it wasn't long before she found them.

Nina couldn't hide her excitement as she stood next to a penguin that was grooming itself on a rock. The little aquatic birds were everywhere, and Nina was even shown snorkeling with them in a shallow pool. The actress also lay down in the sand on her back and basked in the sun as a small group of penguins stood in the shade of a nearby rock and preened themselves.

At the end of the video, Nina revealed that she had intentionally worn an outfit that matched the penguins' monochromatic coats.

As of this writing, Nina's vacation video has racked up over 388,000 likes. Many of her Instagram followers also flocked to the comments section to let her know how much they enjoyed the video.

"This is really amazing!" read one response to her post.

"I swear your smile is the best thing ever," another admirer enthused.

"You look like SUNSHINE," a third comment read. "Good luck with everything."