May 15, 2020
'Jersey Shore' Spoilers: Shocking Shenanigans Ruin Angelina's Wedding

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation debuted a trailer teasing the long-awaited series of scenes that depicted what went down at the wedding of Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangiera. The shenanigans almost destroyed the friendly relationships between the bride, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Deena Nicole Cortese, and Jenni "JWoww" Farley.

Fans have waited for this blockbuster series of moments since the show first teased the finale at the return of Season 3. The show previewed a series of provocative speeches by Nicole, Deena, and Jenni which not only angered Angelina but her wedding guests as well. The incident caused a firestorm within the Jersey Shore fan base, who lashed out at the aforementioned women on social media, calling them "mean girls" more than once.

Prior to the wedding, the four women appeared to have mended fences, overcoming several pivotal hurdles in their relationships and concluding with a wild bachelorette weekend in New Orleans to celebrate Angelina's nuptials.

Angelina had excluded Jenni from her bridal party after Jenni sent out a series of tweets disparaging her co-star for what she felt was inappropriate behavior toward her boyfriend Zack. However, Angelina re-invited her to share in her special day. Nicole and Angelina also mended fences after a blowout argument during Season 2 where Snooki was portrayed as ganging up on her pal in support of her bestie Jenni.

Therefore, fans were confused about the speeches delivered by the women that were less than savory during Angelina's reception. Fans took to Instagram to comment on the clip as the season unfolded and shared their own feelings regarding what they anticipated would be an explosive end to the season.

"I can't wait to see the speech!! I have a feeling all the 3 were in the wrong and Angelina was in the right. I'm thinking this is probably why Snooks leaves the show," commented one follower of the series.

"I really don't think they meant any harm. Like why would people who intentionally wanted to ruin someone's wedding react like that?" said a second fan.

"I need all the dirt!!! I wanna know if the speeches are really that bad or if they dramatize it! The whole crowd literally booed them," stated a third Instagram user.

"Did they even know they had to give a speech I mean at least one of them did but they hurt her feelings," remarked a fourth fan.

Nicole spilled the beans in March during her podcast It's Happening with Snooki & Joey with her version of what really happened behind the scenes at the wedding. This caused her to exit the show in late 2019. She will not return if there is a Season 4 of the long-running MTV series.

Nicole explained that she and the women truly wanted the best for their friend, and they didn't mean to ruin her day. Nicole claimed that the friends were forced to do the speech by the show's production and that she personally said no to participating in the stinging comments numerous times. She also shared that MTV paid for Angelina's wedding and wanted some crazy antics from the cast. Nicole stated that she felt that Angelina's sister should have made a speech as she was the maid of honor.