May 15, 2020
WWE News: Seth Rollins Posts Heartwarming Photo Of Fiancée Becky Lynch Following Pregnancy Announcement

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch relinquished her Women's Championship and announced that she's taking time off to have a baby. Her fiancé, Seth Rollins, has since taken to Instagram to share a heartfelt message for the mother of their child, along with a picture he took of her when they received the big news.

In the picture, Lynch was clearly overcome with joy as she held her positive pregnancy test up to the camera. In Rollins' accompanying caption, he revealed that he took the photo right after they originally found out they were going to be parents. According to the Monday Night Raw superstar, he couldn't "have captured anything more beautiful" and it's clear that he's looking forward to becoming a father.

Rollins' followers flooded the comments section with their own heartwarming messages as well. ESPN's Jay Harris congratulated them on the news and described the couple as "two of the best people" he knows. Several WWE superstars and fans echoed the news anchor's sentiment.

Word backstage is that everyone in WWE is happy for the couple, including Vince McMahon. The WWE chairman has disciplined superstars over unexpected pregnancies in the past and he's reportedly unhappy with performers who are currently taking time off. However, he has supposedly been supportive of Lynch and Rollins.

Rollins also confirmed the baby is due in December, meaning that both superstars could be out of action until 2021. Rollins is also expected to take time off in order to focus on his family. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, the superstar reportedly doesn't want to risk infecting his wife-to-be.

For her part, Lynch could be gone from the company for much longer. The superstar was expected to take a break to focus on acting prior to her pregnancy news. Some recent reports have stated that she could be set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she confirmed she turned to Dwayne Johnson and John Cena for guidance on how to navigate Hollywood.

It could be a while before WWE fans see Lynch on television again, but she has an exciting future ahead of her, both personally and professionally. Her promo on this week's Monday Night Raw was heartfelt and will go down in history as one of the show's most memorable moments, but her words did suggest that she plans on coming back for the title she had to hand over to Asuka.