Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Down As She Recalls Daughter's Life-Threatening Accident

Jamie Lynn Spears got emotional during a new interview as she opened up about the terrifying moment she almost lost her now 11-year-old daughter Maddie in an ATV accident. The singer and actress, who will appear in the new Netflix series Steel Magnolias, got very candid about the horrifying accident this week as she tearfully recalled how she thought she might have lost her little girl.

The star spoke about the incident during an appearance on Maria Menounos' Better Together podcast. While she chatted with the former E! News host, the singer welled up with tears when she spoke about the day Maddie, who was then only 8 years old, flipped an ATV she was driving and ended up face down in a pool of water three years ago.

"My oldest daughter was in a, well, she was in a really bad accident," Britney Spears' younger sister said, per Entertainment Tonight.

"We were finally able to get her out of the water, and I saw her, and then the first responders took her from me," she continued, as she admitted that she believed there was a good chance her daughter hadn't survived the accident, which took place at her home in the Spears' family's hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana.

"We thought we lost our daughter and in that moment I felt everything that you can feel, as far as like, 'This is the worst thing ever,'" a visibly emotional Jamie Lynn continued as she opened up to Maria, who also wiped away tears.

The former Zoey 101 actress turned country music singer, who recently spoke out about quarantining with her sister Britney in Louisiana, then went on to describe the intense emotions she felt as she recalled the terrifying day in February 2017.

"There's nothing worse than looking at your child and thinking that you failed her," said the star, who has since welcomed a second daughter, 1-year-old Ivey, into the world.

"I didn't want her to think that I couldn't save her, or that I didn't try to save her," she added.

It was reported at the time that Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson jumped into the water and tried to rescue Maddie from the vehicle after it flipped into a pond on their property. However, the two, who were only about 100 yards away from their daughter when the accident happened, were unable to get her out due to the seat belt and safety netting.

It was claimed that Acadian Ambulance Services were on the scene within two minutes and managed to rescue Maddie, who was then airlifted to Children's Hospital New Orleans. Maddie was unconscious for several days following the accident, but thankfully, she has since made a full recovery.