Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ava Meets Cyrus Renault

General Hospital star Maura West.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Next week on General Hospital is expected to be full of more drama with Wiley’s custody trial. However, fans will also see Cyrus Renault continue to taunt the people of Port Charles. There is one person in town he has yet to personally meet, but that is about to change. The previews for Monday’s show reveal that Cyrus will be introducing himself to Ava Jerome and she will be a bit rattled, as Soap Central teased.

It appears they will run into each other at the MetroCourt, which Cyrus has been frequenting lately, despite Carly’s objections. At first, it looks like Ava is fine with meeting someone new in Port Charles when he reaches out to her. However, she drops her smile quickly when she realizes who she is talking to. It’s likely that she knows exactly who he is and he definitely knows all about her. Cyrus had previously hinted that he makes it a point to know everything about the people he is interested in. He does his homework thoroughly.

Ava will likely intrigue the new mobster in town. He is not only good at toying with people, but he is looking to find some allies along the way, too. Who better to hook up with than a former mobster herself? Of course, the Jerome siblings are no longer a part of that life, but Cyrus does have his unique way of trying to persuade someone to join forces with him. He is sure to know she is the mother of one of Sonny’s children. That connection could be used against her.

What will Ava’s husband, Nikolas Cassadine, think of this dangerous man flirting with his wife? Ava can certainly take care of herself, but she also likes to have Nikolas come to her rescue once in a while.

Some General Hospital fans are anxious to see the interaction between Ava and Cyrus on Monday. Their meeting is bound to generate a few comments after the show airs.

“Cyrus and Ava. Writers hook that up,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Ava Monday, y’all!! She’s not pleased to meet Cyrus either!! woot, woot!!” another fan remarked.

Cyrus made his rounds this past week on General Hospital. He had run-ins with Jordan, Curtis, Laura, and Carly. He has made it a habit of making subtle threats against the people of Port Charles, while also trying to make it seem like he is a nice guy. He now has Trina and Portia on his radar as well. Fans are anxious to see Ava’s meeting with Cyrus and to see how it all plays out.