Fitness Model Venessa Nieto Exposes Washboard Abs In White T-Shirt & Thong

Venessa Nieto takes a selfie.
Venessa Nieto / Instagram

Venessa Nieto showed off her fantastic figure in her latest Instagram post. She looked sexy in her skimpy attire as she set out to impress her 573,000 followers. Of course, her fans showed their appreciation by engaging with her on the platform.

The model‘s outfit combined risqué and casual elements to create a look that sizzled. Venessa wore a simple white t-shirt that she knotted just below her bust. The top clung to her curvy frame and showed off her voluptuous assets.

Venessa clothed her lower-half in a barely there thong. The white fabric stretched over her rounded hips and seemed to be a snug fit.

The 27-year-old exposed her midriff, much to the delight of her fans. Her washboard abs took center stage as she posed for the camera. She proudly flaunted her ripped stomach and minuscule waist.

The fitness model styled her hair in a side part and allowed her long brown tresses to tumble down her shoulders and back. She appeared to be wearing a full face of makeup that highlighted her eyes and full mouth. Her only visible accessory was her full-sleeve tattoo, something that sets her apart from other fitness models.

Venessa took to Instagram to promote a competition she and other fitness models are promoting. She promised a one-on-one live giveaway if her fans followed certain instructions. According to the geotag, she is currently in Miami.

The beauty posted two pics in her recent offering that showcased her flawless physique. In the first head-to-toe snap, she bent her right leg at the knee to show off her thigh and leg muscles. She smiled broadly and played with her hair while looking directly at the camera.

The second photo showed a close-up of her body. She flaunted her impressive six-pack while leaning against a wall. For that shot, she didn’t look at the lens, instead, she gazed up and to her right.

Venessa’s fans raced to view her offering. Over 2,000 of them liked the snaps and many took to the comments section to let her know their thoughts.

An Instagram user paid the fitness model a huge compliment.

“I am betting that perfect is a word you hear often,” they wrote.

Another follower commented that Venessa takes care of her body and that it shows.

“Stunning picture looks like you treat your body like a temple,” they praised.

One fan kept it simple and remarked that Venessa boasts “just a hot gorgeous sexy physique.”