Vicky Aisha Bares Curvy Booty In A Teeny Pink Thong

Vicky Aisha clicks a selfie.
Vicky Aisha / Instagram

Curvy bombshell Vicky Aisha tantalized her 2.2 million Instagram followers on Thursday when she shared a provocative photo that spotlighted her bodacious derriere. Clad in thong lingerie, the Australian tattoo model was photographed from behind in a seated pose that perfectly showcased her round posterior and strong thighs. Her gorgeous tattoos were also on display as Vicky sat with her legs open and her shoulder turned to the camera.

The blonde beauty wore pink underwear that looked flattering against her fair skin tone. The underwear highlighted her curvaceous body. She also wore an elastic waistband that seemed to be made out of satin.

The waistband extended into a pair of side straps that sat high on her hip bones, accentuating her waist. One of the straps was twisted outwards, calling even more attention to her voluptuous assets. The same could be said about her bra, which appeared to be twisted inward at the back. Vicky made note of this in her caption, confessing that she didn’t originally plan to share the photo on account of the twisted straps but ultimately decided to do it because “the booty looks good.”

Although her bra was not fully visible due to the angle of the shot, fans could notice its strapless design. The top featured narrow wings that matched the gauzy thong, exposing a great deal of skin.

The whimsical decor also caught the eye of followers and was designed to play up the pastel lingerie. The background consisted of only two elements, one of which was a colorful curtain covered in pink flowers. The decor was complete with a green shaggy rug, which was intended to mimic grass. The vibrant color scheme matched her outfit, giving spring vibes and adding an artistic feel to the shot.

Vicky glanced over her shoulder with a sultry look. Her lush lips were parted seductively, glistening with what appeared to be pink lip gloss. The rest of her glam was also on point and included a natural-looking makeup that subtly accentuated her features. Her cheek looked perfectly highlighted, with a bit of contouring emphasizing her chiseled cheekbone. The model wore her hair down and seemingly brushed over her shoulder. A rebel tendril draped down her forehead, focusing attention on her intense gaze.

The upload stirred a lot of reaction among her fans, ending up as one of her most appreciated posts of the week. The photo racked up more than 45,800 likes and a little shy of 700 comments overnight, including messages from fellow models.

“Damnnn,” wrote Canadian tattooed beauty Valerie Cossette, adding a fire and peach emoji in a nod to Vicky’s phenomenal curves.

“Damn! [eyes emoji] I almost choked on my sandwich when this came up!” gushed another Instagrammer.

Followers replied to her caption in a congenial manner, assuring Vicky that the twisted underwear didn’t take anything away from her beauty.

“Straps, what straps. I didn’t notice any straps,” commented one person.

“My eyes are as twisted trying to focus in on it, and I’m also pretty sure The value of that turf has increased exponentially,” quipped a second Instagram user, referring to the grass-like rug that Vicky was sitting on.