May 15, 2020
Tracee Ellis Ross Releases A Self-Love Anthem For Her Musical Debut

Tracee Ellis Ross, whose given name is Tracee Joy Silberstein, is showing the world that she's even more talented than her fans already knew. The multi-hyphenated actress went on Instagram live at midnight on Friday, May 15, to reveal to her 8 million followers that she was following in her mother Diana Ross' footsteps. She hopped into the booth to sing her debut single, "Love Myself."

The 47-year-old actress sat nervously on her sofa in a white outfit covered in black crescent moons with an art-filled wall behind her. Apparently she was so excited to share her secret that her "feet were numb." The first four minutes of the 30-minute recording showed Ellis adorably trying to figure out how to create a pinned comment on the live video. She went on to explain the premise of her upcoming feature film, The High Note, where she would be playing a singer.

"This movie I get to sing and my mom who's on [the livestream] is Diana Ross and whether consciously or unconsciously as a kid I took that dream of mine to be a singer and I hid it. I hid it away. I got so scared to sing that it became this dream that I was afraid of and at 47-years-old, I faced that dream," she confessed.

"Love Myself" was as uplifting as the title suggested. The three-minute power ballad encouraged listeners to embrace their inner and outer beauty instead of aiming to resemble people on the TV screen.

Ellis also revealed that she recorded six songs for the movie's soundtrack, with "Love Myself" being the first available for streaming. The song was created by a winning team. It was produced by legendary producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and was written by award-winning songwriter Sarah Aarons.

The Girlfriends star played her new song for the 8,000 viewers who initially tuned in, including her 76-year-old mom. Eventually, viewership rose to a little over 15,000 Instagram users.

The High Note, starring Ellis, Dakota Johnson, Ice Cube, and Kelvin Harrison, Jr., is a romantic comedy about an egotistical superstar (played by Ellis) who is given a life-altering choice by her manager (Ice Cube).

"Grace must choose between playing it safe or listening to her heart in a decision that could change her life forever," read the film's official website.

Dakota will play the superstar's overworked assistant who dreams of becoming a music producer. The High Note will be available for streaming on May 29.