Carmella Rose Flaunts Underboob In Tiny Bikini Top For New Magazine Cover

Carmella Rose wears a red dress.
Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Carmella Rose shared her most recent magazine cover with her Instagram fans on Thursday, showing off her underboob for the occasion. The bikini top that she wore was especially tiny and she discussed a few details of the shoot for Series magazine in the post’s caption.

For the cover photo, the model stood facing the camera, gazing at it with a smoldering expression. Her figure was cropped from her waist up and the backdrop was a dark bluish-gray tone. The muted color allowed her glowing, tanned body to pop.

Carmella’s bikini top was orange with a silver circular accent in the middle. She didn’t wear the top in a conventional way, rather she pushed the fabric up to leave the bottom of her chest on display.

She left her hair down in a casual style and her locks blew in the wind. Her makeup application seemed to include bronzer, silver eyeshadow, and dark lipstick.

She accessorized with a couple of necklaces and her shorter one featured a small charm.

The magazine cover was also adorned with her signature, which was placed by her right shoulder.

There were several tags on the post, including the magazine, model Natalie Roser, and photographer Megan Batson. Natalie is the curator of the publication, so it’s no surprise she was mentioned in the caption.

So far, the share has been liked over 55,900 times. Her many admirers took to the comments section to gush about her risqué look, including Natalie.

“SO BEAUTIFUL SO Excited for this issue! It’s just perfection,” she gushed.

The photographer from the shoot also stopped by with a positive message.

“I love youuu so much! So much fun creating with you always,” Megan wrote.

“You [sic] beauty deserves a reverence,” declared a third social media user.

“You Always Look GORGEOUS…. I’m At LOSS Of Words To Describe The IMMENSE GRANDEUR & BEAUTY,” raved a fourth admirer.

The newest issue is not yet available, but the concept of the publication can be acquired through their subscription service.

Carmella previously posted another sizzling post on April 15, that time opting to go nude as she wore only paint. There were two similar images in the set and in the first one, she crouched on the ground and painted a yellow line on a piece of paper. Her shoulder, chest, back, and legs were painted with a bold white line that emphasized the curves of her figure. She also held a palette in the artistic shots.