Lily Adrianne Tantalizes Fans In Super Small Shorts

Lily Adrianne takes a selfie.
Lily Adrianne / Instagram

Lily Adrianne shared a sultry new photo with her Instagram fans on Thursday, seemingly catching their attention. Her ensemble included a revealing pair of shorts that allowed her to showcase her round booty.

The model posed outside, sitting at a picnic table in a park. She perched on the wooden bench and curved her back slightly to emphasize her derrière. She propped her elbows on the top of the concrete table and glanced over her left shoulder with a hint of a smile on her face.

Her ensemble included a bright red sports bra with navy blue and white accents and a pair of high-waisted, navy blue shorts with white trim. The back of the shorts had a high-rise cut, leaving the bottom half of her derrière on full display. Her small waist and flawless skin were also hard to miss.

Lily wore her hair down in a middle part and brushed her long straight locks behind her shoulders. Her makeup application seemingly included mascara, silver eyeshadow, light pink lipstick, and tan-colored lip liner. If she wore any accessories, they were out of view in the photo.

Behind her, a small stretch of lawn and a sidewalk could be seen. Tropical green plants were further in the distance. Tons of white clouds mostly obscured the blue sky, although a beam of sunlight fell on to the model, lighting up a part of her figure.

She didn’t give the post a geotag, so her location was hard to discern.

The share has received over 53,100 likes in just six hours. The comments section was filled with compliments from her adoring followers.

Some people responded to her question in the caption.

“I will come and work out with you anyday [sic],” declared a social media user.

“Are you…threatening me with a good time?” a second fan joked.

“Would lose focus if u were at my gym,” expressed a third admirer.

“And just like that, thursday became way better,” a fourth devotee raved.

Lily posted another eye-catching update to her Instagram page earlier this week. In that photo, she rocked a cut-out one-piece bodysuit with gold accents. She posed on her knees on brown carpet next to a bed and glanced at the camera with a coy expression. Her ensemble had a large cutout in the center, highlighting her cleavage. The bodysuit had gold chain straps and a matching chain belt that she used to cinch her waist.