House Democrats Face Opposition To The Next Coronavirus Relief Package From All Sides

Nancy Pelosi holds a news conference.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

The day before the House of Representatives is set to vote on the new coronavirus relief package, House Democrats are facing opposition from both Republicans and other Democrats, CNN reported.

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed the details of the next coronavirus relief package, dubbed the HEROES Act. She said that the House plans to vote on the legislation Friday. The $3 trillion relief package is the most comprehensive yet, ostensibly aiming to fill purported gaps in the previous coronavirus relief plans while providing systemic support for workers, businesses, and industries struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, many members of the House aren’t happy with the version of the bill they’re set to vote on, CNN reported.

According to CNN, many Republicans don’t like the HEROES Act for several reasons. Some Republican lawmakers may think it’s too expensive, especially given the money that’s already been allocated to previous relief packages. Many Senate Republicans have also said they think the HEROES Act has shoehorned several things liberal Democrats have been wanting to implement for years — student loan forgiveness, increased support for Medicare and Medicaid, direct financial relief to individuals, protections for illegal immigrants — that aren’t relevant to the current needs of the country. Several Republicans have also said they think it’s too soon to pass another coronavirus relief package. They want to assess the impact of the latest coronavirus relief package before spending more money.

Opposition to the HEROES Act isn’t just coming from Republicans. Both moderate and progressive House Democrats have expressed displeasure with the bill, per CNN.

Only hours after the contents of the bill were revealed, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus sent a letter to House leadership, asking them to delay Friday’s vote. They insisted that extra time was needed to review the 1,800-plus pages that comprise the bill so they could understand what had been left out. Many progressives wanted the bill to include more provisions surrounding small businesses payroll and support for unemployed workers — but those proposals were reportedly left out of the bill.

On Thursday, many moderate Democrats sided with Republicans, saying that the bill was too expensive, according to the CNN report. Some moderate Democrats also criticized House leaders for moving forward with a bill that doesn’t have bipartisan support. They contended that House leadership is aware that this bill won’t pass in the Senate, and that said leadership is essentially wasting time by proposing and voting on this version of the bill.

The vote is scheduled to proceed Friday. According to CNN, Democratic leadership is confident the HEROES Act will pass in the House.