May 15, 2020
Mary-Kate Olsen's Emergency Divorce Petition Denied

Actress and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen's emergency petition for a divorce from estranged husband Pierre Olivier Sarkozy was denied after a Manhattan judge ruled it was not a non-essential issue, Page Six reported.

The now 33-year-old former child actress began her attempt to divorce her husband of five years in mid-April. However, she has been turned down by courts whose functions have been limited to emergency actions only amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Olsen attempted to obtain the emergency petition against the 50-year-old Sarkozy on the grounds that he was attempting to kick her out of their apartment. That action would force Olsen to look for an apartment in a city still widely locked down due to the virus outbreak, according to court papers cited by Page Six.

"I am petrified that my husband is trying to deprive me of the home we have lived in and if he is successful, I will not only lose my home but I risk losing my personal property as well."
New York courts spokesman Lucian Chalfen confirmed that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz ruled against the emergency petition on Thursday despite Olsen's efforts.

In her now denied emergency order Olsen reportedly requested that she have continued use of the couple's Hampton's home, Gramercy apartment, and East 49th Street apartment. She also asked that her estranged husband be required to honor their prenuptial agreement and provide her with health and dental insurance.

According to a report in Cosmopolitan, Olsen has an "ironclad prenup" to protect her substantial $250 million net worth in the divorce. The publication also reported that Olsen and Sarkozy's two shared New York residences are worth an estimated over $14 million

While Manhattan courthouses remain closed due to the pandemic, attorney Michael Stutman suggested that Olsen could file her petition in the northern portion of the state.

"I don't know why Mary Kate wouldn't just go ahead and file in Buffalo or in one of these nice counties upstate. It's done electronically. It's not like you have to drive up there."
The attorney noted that both parties typically have to agree to file for divorce out of their county of residence, however, Olsen might be able to file elsewhere for the sole purpose of freezing marital assets.

On Thursday, a source told People that Sarkozy, who is the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy's half-brother, took exception to the substantial role that Olsen's career took in her life.

"She's super career-focused and he's very French and wanted her to be more available. You can't control a girl who has been on the billionaire track since her 20s."