Melissa Riso Looks Smoking Hot In Black Miniskirt & Top: ‘I Like Leather!’

Melissa Riso poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Melissa Riso / Instagram

Melissa Riso admitted something a bit surprising to her followers on Instagram in her latest post of herself wearing a black mini skirt and a tight matching top — she likes leather.

In the image, Melissa stood next to a fireplace that had a mantle with candles and a painting above it. She had one foot bent and resting on something just out of the photo, leaving a hint of a gray-and-white snakeskin slip up boot visible. The pose also showed off her well-defined calf muscles.

Melissa wore a short, high-waisted, patterned black leather miniskirt with a short slit on one side and a zipper near her waist. She paired the skirt with a black crop top with spaghetti straps that went over her shapely shoulders and showed off a hint of her ample cleavage.

Melissa’s dark brown hair looked tousled, and it fell over one shoulder and down her back, partially obscuring her cleavage. She posed with one hand on her waist, and her long fingernails seemed to have a French manicure. It appeared as if she enhanced her big brown eyes with various shades of eyeshadow and plenty of mascara and eyeliner.

The model’s high cheekbones seemed to shimmer with highlighter and bronzer. Her lips were light pink, and she held them slightly open, revealing the smallest hint of her teeth. A simple short gold chain with tiny gold charms rested against her throat, and she did not have earrings or rings on in the photo.

In the caption, Melissa hashtagged the picture with the word “fashion,” and her followers responded quickly. In minutes, more than 3,600 of them hit the “like” button, and over 150 typed out an affirmative reply.

“You are so absolutely gorgeous and so super sexy love. I love you always and forever,” gushed one fan of the model who also included several lips, flame, and heart emoji.

“What can I say? I like Melissa even knowing she doesn’t ever reply!” a second person wrote, along with two rose emoji.

“Wow, you look absolutely so sexy in leather,” wrote a third.

“It looks good on you! Congratulations on nursing school,” complimented a fourth, noting that Melissa has mentioned several times that she plans to go back to college to become a nurse.

The Inquisitr also reported that during the coronavirus pandemic, Melissa has been keeping fit with plenty of workouts. Recently, she showed off her results while wearing a purple lingerie set.