May 14, 2020
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Reportedly 'Disagreeing More Than Usual' During Quarantine

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are struggling through quarantine. According to a source speaking with Hollywood Life, the couple has been spending too much time together while locked down in their home in Los Angeles, and it's starting to wear on both of them. Things are reportedly tense between the married couple right now as they try to balance work, parenting, and time apart from one another while in the same house.

The source said that the rapper and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star have been "disagreeing more than usual."

"They've been trying to take some space from each other, but it's been really difficult. The quarantine has actually been really hard spending so much time in close quarters with all of the kids," they explained.

The insider added that right now, the quarantine is taking more of a toll on Kim than it is on Kanye.

"She's doing the best she can. It's been a little tough on her to find time to get everything done and take time for herself," they admitted. "Kim is dealing with a lot of stress between the kids and balancing her [law] studies, KKW Beauty and SKIMS brands. — The quarantine has just added to the stress."

At the end of April, Kanye took the kids to Wyoming for a few days, and it apparently provided some temporary relief for Kim. The insider said that getting that quiet time made her realize how much she needs it.

Hollywood Life reported that rumors have been swirling about the strain in Kim and Kanye's marriage for weeks. The couple married in Italy in 2014, and neither one of them has addressed any issues in their relationship publicly. Kanye hasn't tweeted since March, and Kim is still focusing on using her social media accounts to promote her various products.

Previous reports from Us Weekly suggested that Kim felt like she needed space apart from Kanye at the moment. A source told the magazine that the reality star is still trying to balance parenting with getting her law degree, and it's difficult if Kanye isn't helping out as much as he could. They also said that the rapper's "controlling" nature has put a strain on their relationship, in part because Kim feels that Kanye is trying to impose his views on her life. The new tensions between the couple were first reported on in the magazine in April, when a source said that Kanye was getting on Kim's nerves.