May 14, 2020
Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle's Big Reveal Rattles Michael, Willow, & Carly

General Hospital spoilers indicate that viewers will see a lot of chaos during Monday's episode connected to Nelle Benson's stunning courtroom entrance. Nelle was determined to counter Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait's big move with their quickie wedding ahead of the custody hearing, and it looks like she pulled it off.

As the judge was ready to begin the hearing regarding custody of Wiley, Nelle was missing. Her lawyer, Martin Gray, was anxious and stalling for time, while Michael, Willow, and Carly Corinthos started to feel hopeful. However, in true Nelle style, she walked through the doors to the courtroom and turned everything upside down.

Nelle came in wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. She declared that the most amazing thing had just happened, and she held up her hand showing a massive wedding ring on it.

Unfortunately, viewers were left hanging in terms of finding out who the unlucky groom was. General Hospital spoilers tease that the man's identity will come on Monday, although it seems likely that it's Julian Jerome.

SheKnows Soaps details that Nelle will make a shocking announcement during Monday's episode. At this point, it seems pretty clear that the shocker she's about to reveal is that she married someone right before the hearing. Whether it's Julian or someone else, this will rock Diane and her clients.

Earlier this week, Nelle pressured Julian to testify as a character witness for her. Naturally, he scoffed at this idea, as he has no love for Nelle whatsoever.

However, Nelle then overheard Julian and Brook Lynn Quartermaine talking about how he rigged Brad Cooper's car before the accident. This was just the leverage she needed, and it seems she decided to force Julian to do more than just testify on her behalf.

As the week of May 18 continues, Carly will struggle to be an asset to Michael's case. General Hospital spoilers note that Michael will do his best to make his case for full custody of Wiley, but Nelle will put on an amazing performance herself.

Will marrying Julian really help Nelle? At this point, it doesn't seem as if there is anybody else that Nelle could have managed to wrangle into a quickie wedding with so little time to pull it off. Both Valentin and Martin were seen at various points during Thursday's show, and the only person Nelle really had ammunition on was Julian.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle's big performance, seemingly on the stand in court, will come during the show airing on Thursday, May 21. Unfortunately, that is the last new episode that fans will get for a while, as ABC will start airing reruns until the cast can begin filming new episodes again.

Viewers will be curious to see whether either Nelle or Michael's quickie weddings do them any favors with the judge. Fans may be left hanging for a while regarding the judge's decision, but it seems likely that there's chaos ahead no matter which direction this one heads.