May 14, 2020
'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Believes Denise Has Been Negatively Swayed By Former Cast Members

Kyle Richards believes Denise Richards may have been negatively impacted by one of their former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members.

During an interview with Us Weekly on May 13, Kyle said that ahead of season 10, her relationship with her actress co-star, who joined the series in 2018 for season 9, seemed to shift. Looking back, Kyle said she feels that it may have been Denise's conversations with past co-stars that led to the tension between them.

"Honestly, I think there were some conversations happening off camera with perhaps some former Housewives, is what I'm thinking," Kyle explained to the magazine.

While Kyle didn't name any names during the interview, Lisa Vanderpump is the only cast member who did not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after season 9, which is the only past season that Denise has appeared on.

As the interview continued, Kyle pointed out that Denise had always been someone who wasn't super concerned with being glammed up. However, upon the start of production on the new episodes of season 10 last summer, she seemingly changed. In fact, during Denise's dinner party for the cast, which aired on Wednesday's episode, she was late to her own party because she was in her house having her makeup and hair done.

Kyle was also taken aback by the fact that Denise, whose party included pizza and ice cream, arranged for a diamond ice sculpture to be delivered to her home for the bash.

"I was like, 'What's happening here? This is not the Denise that I've gotten to know.' Then when she started defending the glam, I was like, 'Oh my God. No. No one's being authentic right now,'" Kyle recalled.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kyle and Denise were also at war after last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to the comment Kyle made about Denise's appearance. While Kyle insisted she didn't mean to insult her co-star, she called her a "ragamuffin," which essentially means a messy-looking child, before offering Denise a public apology on her Instagram page.

Around the same time, Denise threw some shade at Kyle and her comment by posting a series of magazine covers she's been featured on over the years and giving a nod to Kyle's "ragamuffin" comment in the caption of her post.

"Going down memory lane with this #ragamuffin. Just a few covers to share for #tbt," she wrote.