May 14, 2020
'General Hospital' Thursday Spoilers: Robert's Ready To Dig Into The Truth About Holly's Death

During Thursday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Robert Scorpio will pull himself together and start investigating. He was stunned by the news that his ex-wife Holly Sutton had died, and now he's using his heartbreak as motivation to figure out for certain what really happened to her.

At this point, the official story is that Holly was on a ship handling WSB business when a storm hit. The ship went down, causing her death. However, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there is much more to this.

Initially, it looked as if Peter may have orchestrated Holly's death. He was looking for a way to distract Robert and had somebody working on this.

After learning of Holly's death, Peter reached out to his secret partner and blasted this person for perhaps killing Holly rather than keeping an eye on her. For now, it seems that even Peter has been led to believe that her death was legitimately an accident.

However, Anna is already starting to suspect otherwise. In a recent episode, something in a WSB file about Holly's death caught her eye.

The sneak peek for Thursday's show shared via Twitter reveals that Robert will voice some concerns about what really happened during a chat with Anna.

Something will prompt Robert to tell Anna that right now, there is no proof that Holly was murdered. Will she tell him what she saw in the WSB file that aroused suspicion?

Of course, what Anna doesn't realize is that digging into what really happened to Holly could lead her right to her son Peter. While Peter may have made a call noting that he didn't intend for Holly to die, it seems likely that he will ultimately have some sort of culpability here.

Is Holly even really dead? Fans have a hunch she isn't. Not only that, but actor Tristan Rogers, who portrays Robert, has hinted that there could be a twist ahead.

Robert may convince himself that Holly was murdered, but it doesn't seem that he'll uncover any concrete answers anytime soon. SheKnows Soaps notes that next week, Laura will worry that Robert is deluding himself in some way. This likely means that Robert will be looking for evidence that Holly was killed, and Laura will not be convinced.

Unfortunately, viewers probably will not learn much more about what really happened to Holly for a while.

ABC will air an encore episode on Friday, May 15, then fans will see new episodes Monday through Thursday during the week of May 18. After that, for the foreseeable future, General Hospital fans will be watching reruns each weekday.

This shift is due to the ongoing stay-at-home orders in California amid the coronavirus pandemic. The General Hospital cast and crew have been on hiatus since mid-March and it doesn't look as they'll be able to start producing new episodes anytime soon. That means that Holly's fate probably won't be known for a while, but fans will be eager to see where this heads.