WWE News: Released Superstar Reveals That Chris Jericho Complained About Having To Put Him Over

Chris Jericho appears on AEW television
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Former WWE superstar Heath Slater has appeared on several podcasts and opened up about his time in the company ever since he was released last month. As quoted by WrestleTalk, he recently sat down with Lewis Nicholls and recalled how one of his matches against Chris Jericho prompted his opponent to complain backstage.

According to Slater, Jericho didn’t understand the logic behind the booking decision. Slater was just starting out at the time, but he didn’t appear to be in line for a significant push. Jericho, on the other hand, was a well-established veteran and main event star.

“I do know that Chris [Jericho] didn’t like it that I was beating him and he had to go to Pat Patterson and he was complaining to Pat like ‘Why in the world is this rookie gonna beat me?! I can’t believe this! Blah blah blah blah!’ Then Pat Patterson looks at him and says: ‘Ahh he’s a rookie! No one will remember it next week!’ I’m like that might be true, but then 10 years later people still talk about that match too, so yeah. It was one of those things that yes, it was awesome for me.”

Slater went on to brag about currently beating Jericho in victories over each other. Jericho has yet to respond to Slater’s bragging, but they might face each other in AEW in the near future, should the company choose to sign the former WWE superstar.

According to Cody Rhodes, however, AEW isn’t interested in bringing Slater into the fold. As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Slater told Rhodes that it’d be a mistake not to hire him, suggesting that the pair are using social media to work wrestling fans. According to Slater, he and Rhodes get along well and the AEW executive vice president was possibly trying to get a reaction out of him.

It remains to be seen where Slater will end up now that he’s a free agent, but the former superstar seems optimistic about his future. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he recently said that his star power had decreased in WWE, but now he’s focused on getting into good shape and revamping his character.

During the interview with Nicholls, Slater discussed how WWE never had any long-term plans for him. After working with Jericho and coming out of the match victorious, he wasn’t given a significant push. He said he was moved onto the next match without any acknowledgment of what came before. He also discussed how WWE’s schedule was constant and he rarely got to spend time at home.