May 14, 2020
Valerie Bertinelli, 60, Talks Self-Acceptance & Letting Go Of The Scale

Valerie Bertinelli, 60, talked self-acceptance and letting go of the scale in a news story published by People Magazine. The beloved television actress revealed she has learned to let go of the numbers that held her hostage for years and do the internal work in her continued journey toward self-acceptance.

Valerie, the host of Valerie's Home Cooking on the Food Network, said in the People interview that she never dealt with the emotions that spurred her to gain and lose weight dozens of times since bursting onto television screens in the mid-1970s as tomboy Barbara Cooper on the TV sitcom One Day at a Time.

"I was always trying to be better. Thinner. Nicer. Prettier," she revealed after a male teacher patted her stomach in fifth grade and told her she might want to watch her weight.

She said in the interview that she felt she had wasted so much time trying to fit into what the world perceived as exterior beauty that she never acknowledged what made her happy inside.

The issues Valerie faced continued throughout her early years on television where she was reportedly made to feel overweight even when she was at her thinnest.

"I don't weigh myself as much anymore," she said to People. "I'll put on some jeans every once in a while to see how they feel. Why do I have to know what number I am? I know it's really about the internal work."

By sharing her own journey, Valerie wants to help others struggling to be kinder to themselves. This, in turn, could very well have a watershed effect, allowing the actress through her journey to accept those same lessons.

Valerie cited in the article other women who have made huge strides in the entertainment business as females with fuller figures. She cited singer and musician Lizzo, model Ashley Graham, and beauty influencer Nabela Noor as women who have broken barriers in the name of acceptance and self-love.

Valerie shared the cover from the publication on Instagram. This prompted a flurry of responses from those who connected with her story.

"You are beautiful inside and out! I can't wait to read it. Love ya lady!" said one follower.

"You are the real deal. Full of love and an ambassador of truth. I love you," remarked a second fan.

"You have made me start to feel ok about who I am. Some days are easier than others. Thank you for being so open and honest! You are truly a role model!" stated a third Instagram user.