May 14, 2020
Robin Roberts Is Glowing As She Delivers Thankful Thursday Message

Robin Roberts glowed as she delivered a thankful Thursday message to her Instagram followers. She shared some hopeful words of praise and encouragement as she began her day. The beloved Good Morning America anchor posted a video just prior to taking the air at 7 a.m. ET where she shares the spotlight alongside her co-hosts George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan as they deliver the day's news, entertainment, and informational stories.

Robin was seated alongside her pup Lil Man Lukas in the video. He sported a bow tie in the clip, and she asked her furry friend if she could give him a little "pup" talk.

"To be steadfast and immovable is a choice we have to make," she read. "I am not going to be moved by circumstances. I am not going to make what others say about me steal my joy. As long as you allow circumstances to determine your peace and joy, your life is going to be like a rollercoaster ride based on what goes your way. That is surface living. God tells you to go deeper in your faith. Rather than allowing your faith to control your circumstances, use your faith to control yourself in the midst of those circumstances."

In response to a comment by one of her followers, she said the passage was from a daily devotional from Pastor Joel Osteen.

Robin regularly reaches out to followers with words of encouragement and wisdom. She's a firm believer in living a life filled with both grace and gratefulness and remains hopeful that no matter what their religious beliefs, her words are inspirational for her followers.

In the share, the newswoman looked lovely. Robin wore a print blouse in shades of pink, white, and black. The design was geometric in nature, with coordinating graphics of swirls and stripes. With the gorgeous blouse, Robin sported black pants.

Robin's makeup appeared to be camera-ready. She seemed to have on a light-colored blush and eye shadow. Her foundation appeared to seamlessly blend into her face, enhancing her already glowing skin. Her eyelashes appeared to have been lengthened with either a lot of mascara or some false additions. Robin's hair was still highlighted, and it was cut in soft waves that framed her face. She wore pretty drop earrings in a peachy-pink color with a gold hoop as well as a thin gold necklace with a coordinating stone that matched her other jewelry.

The video was shot by her longtime love Amber Laign and taken in the basement of the couple's Connecticut home where Robin remotely broadcasts for Good Morning America.