Donald Trump And Joe Biden Deadlocked In Traditionally Red State Of Georgia, Poll Shows

Donald Trump appears at a rally.
Joshua Lott / Getty Images

The state of Georgia has gone to Republicans in presidential elections for close to 30 years, but a new poll suggests that could change in November.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, an internal poll released by a group supporting Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp showed that President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden are deadlocked in the state, with Biden holding a slim edge that is within the poll’s margin of error. The poll showed that Biden had the support of 47 percent of voters, compared to 46 percent for Trump. The poll also found that most voters had already made up their minds, with just 5 percent saying they were undecided.

As the report noted, Trump held a slight edge in voters who were positive of their decision for the vote in November.

“Trump has a slight intensity advantage over Biden, with 43% of voters saying they’ll ‘definitely’ vote for him compared with 39% who say the same about the Democrat,” the report noted.

Trump won Georgia by just over 5 points in 2016, but many political experts believe it could be a swing state in 2020 after close statewide elections in 2018. If Biden could pick up the state, it could create a difficult path to victory for Trump. He won in 2016 by a slim margin, flipping a series of traditionally blue states in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and leaving little room for error. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win in the Peach State, with the Arkansas governor taking Georgia and a number of other southern states in the 1992 election.

It was not clear what effect Trump’s handling of the coronavirus could have on his election chances in Georgia. As the National Review noted, the poll did not ask voters whether they approve of his handling of the crisis, but it did find that a slim majority approved of how Kemp has responded. A total of 51 percent said they approved of his decision to allow some businesses to begin reopening in the state, despite criticism from those who believe it was not yet safe.

Other polls have shown a close race across the country. As The Inquisitr reported, a new poll of battleground states released by CNN showed that while Biden holds a five-point lead nationally, Trump holds a slight edge among the 15 states identified as likely battlegrounds in November — Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Maine, New Mexico, Arizona, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan.