‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Carly Has Words For Chase And Nina Confronts Sasha

Chase and Sasha are struggling big time after hearing of Michael and Willow's nuptials.

General Hospital star Josh Swickard.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Chase and Sasha are struggling big time after hearing of Michael and Willow's nuptials.

The impromptu wedding of Michael and Willow finally happened this week on General Hospital, and the aftermath is being felt by both Chase and Sasha. Their plan to get the couple together for the sake of Wiley worked perfectly. However, this whole thing has left them feeling lost, and they are now moping around Port Charles. On Thursday’s show, Carly will be giving Chase a talking-to, while Sasha will have a confrontation with Nina, as Soap Central teases.

General Hospital previews revealed that Carly will head to the PCPD to have a chat with Chase. After hearing Brook Lynn question what is up with Chase and wonder why he still seems hung up on Willow after cheating with Sasha, Carly will feel like she needs to go have a talk with him. He won’t appear happy to see her, as the previews have indicated, but she is going to make him listen anyway. She knows how much Chase is hurting and she also knows the truth about everything. However, she also knows that it would ruin things for Michael’s custody case if Willow catches on that the cheating was all a lie.

It seems likely that Carly will have kind words to say to Chase to remind him why he and Sasha cooked up the plan in the first place. It brought Willow to decide to marry Michael in order to gain an advantage in Wiley’s custody hearing. But will her words just make things worse for Chase?

Also on Thursday’s General Hospital, Nina and Sasha will meet up in the elevator. Nina will likely be headed to work, while Sasha is supposed to be at the Deception photo shoot. Sasha will look like she had a rough night, and the confrontation with Nina probably won’t help matters any.

Nina will take one look at Sasha and ask her if she has had a tough morning. Spoilers tease that Nina will not mince words with her former daughter. The details about what she says to Sasha are not known just yet, but it’s likely that things may get a bit ugly.

Also seen in the previews is Maxie desperately trying to get ahold of someone on the phone, most likely Sasha, saying that they have five minutes to get there. After the confrontation with Nina, Sasha may just be a no-show for the photo shoot. That would clearly ruin things for Lucy Coe.

General Hospital spoilers say that Sasha will become self-destructive after losing Michael, and this may just be the start of her downfall. She predicted that Willow and Michael would fall in love eventually, and she is struggling to accept that. Both Chase and Sasha are sad and mourning their losses, but their heartbreak could be the thing that brings them closer together as well.