May 14, 2020
Madonna, 61, Sports A Sultry Look As She Drinks A Quarantine Cocktail

Madonna, 61, sported a sultry look as she drank a quarantine cocktail in a new image posted to Instagram. The photo showed the pop music icon as she enjoyed a very specific drink in a selfie shared with her 15.1 million followers. This latest image is one in a series of iconic photos the singer and songwriter had posted since the pandemic began, allowing her followers an intimate peek into her life.

In the photo, Madonna's eyes were partially closed as she savored the beverage she crafted. It appeared to be a Martini if Madonna's explanation of how she liked it prepared is any indication of the drink seen in the gorgeous vessel. Three olives balanced in the cocktail glass. Thus far, the striking image has been liked over 173,000 times and counting.

Her makeup appeared to be lightly applied. Mascara was on her upper lashes and smudged, light-colored eye shadow and blush were added to enhance her striking facial features. Scarlet red lips dominated Madonna's face, as her lips opened and her tongue was extended to catch the first refreshing drops of her cocktail.

The singer dressed to the nines to enjoy her adult beverage. Madonna wore a black woven hat, jauntily tilted to one side. Her hair appeared to be pulled back and secured in a low bun that can partially be seen from the side. Madonna's nails were adorned with the letter M on her pointer finger and an X on her ring finger and were tipped with black polish. This could have been a nod to her album of one year ago, Madame X, released in June 2019.

It appeared she had tiny safety pin earrings on her ears. The small charms dropped delicately from each earlobe.

Perhaps the most striking thing the seven-time Grammy Award-winner wore in the photo was a multitude of necklaces on her neck. Charms that included crosses, a heart, a horseshoe, flower, and a Nazar Boncuk symbol, otherwise known as an evil eye, could be clearly seen.

Fans of the longtime influencer of music and fashion were clearly thrilled by the new photo. They shared their joy at the new image in the comments section of the share.

"My inspiration to the last breath, get it, momma," stated one follower.

"Queen of the dance floor, music and life!" said a second fan of Madonna.

"Quarantine mood forever, looking great baby, enjoy!" remarked a third Instagram user of the new image.

"If you're reading this I love you! Cheers to good health," commented a fourth fan.