May 14, 2020
Jon Bon Jovi Fans Cheer Singer's Latest Philanthropic Effort To Combat Hunger

Jon Bon Jovi fans are cheering over the singer's latest philanthropic effort to combat hunger. In an Instagram post, Jon announced that his JBJ Soul Kitchen has opened a food bank that will service the East End of Long Island, New York, an area hit hard by the coronavirus. Jon and his wife Dorothea made the announcement on his foundation's webpage along with a photo that shows the couple in the area that will house the new distribution center.

The twosome, who recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary, posed together in the new space that will work alongside local organizations to assist the food needs of the community. Due to job loss and the economic downturn, many families in that area are struggling with food insecurity. The caption of the share also explained that Jon and Dorothea will be personally financing the endeavor called the JBJ Soul Kitchen Food Bank, which will begin the distribution of much-needed supplies immediately.

This is just another step the couple has taken toward assisting others who face a very real need for food and necessary supplies not only during this current worldwide pandemic but also throughout the year. This philanthropic effort initiated by the twosome 14 years ago continues to grow as they research and initiate programs in areas they find would be most supported by this endeavor.

Standing in the space, Jon and Dorothea were close together, and his right arm wrapped protectively around her shoulders. The couple, who share four children together, pushed their face masks to the side in the image and were socially distancing themselves from other workers for the photo. Dorothea was wearing jeans and a striped long-sleeved shirt with a scarf around her neck. Standing next to her, Jon was dressed casually in dark pants, a Syracuse University sweatshirt, a black scarf, and a black baseball cap on his gray locks. Syracuse University is the institute of higher learning the couple's son, Jake, will attend this fall as a freshman.Behind the duo were palettes of food, which will be distributed as needed.

This is the fourth outpost of their program, which was initiated with the JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey, expanding to locations in Toms River, New Jersey, and a restaurant in Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey. They are also working with Step Up to the Plate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to assist in the distribution of food, medical care, personal hygiene stations, and COVID-19 resources and support.

Fans of the couple applauded their continued efforts to help battle food insecurity.

"Congratulations to you both it's fab news. You both are brilliant so kind, considerate, and caring," said one follower.

"Just incredibly beautiful people! Who knew when I was rocking out to you all through high school in the 80s that you and your wife had such beautiful hearts of gold," stated a second fan.

"Thank you so much, Jon. You're incredible. Thank you for all that you do. I'm so proud to be your fan. The world is a better place because of you. Also, you have a golden heart and you look so handsome Jon," remarked a third Instagram user.