‘The Challenge’: Zach Nichols Threatens To End Relationship With Jenna Compono

Jenna Compono attending The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience event.
Lars Niki / Getty Images

Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono have hit a rough patch on this season of MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness, according to a report from People.

The couple met in 2014 while filming The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, and they’ve been together on and off ever since. This season, Compono is competing without her fiancé but he has still been making regular appearances via video chat. In a previous episode, Nichols angrily revealed that he went through Compono’s direct messages on social media and believes she cheated on him based on exchanges he read between her and another man. Compono denied cheating and tried to convince Nichols that they weren’t together at the time, but he refused to hear it. On Wednesday, Nichols decided to double down on his accusations and ultimately gave Compono an ultimatum.

“If you really didn’t do it, then you need to come home and you need to fix these things,” Nichols demanded. “If you don’t come home, I am literally done. And I’m not even kidding. Your sh*t will be in a box, it will be shipped back. If you choose to stay, I don’t want to hear from you.”

Nichols’ threats to end their relationship leaves Compono in a state of confusion.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to do. It’s either he has to wait until I get home, which means I could technically not have a boyfriend or I leave now and save my relationship,” she told the cameras.

And with Compono’s head not in the game, it came as no surprise to the other players when she volunteered herself to go against Tori Deal in the purgatory elimination. Before allowing her to step into the challenge, the show’s host, TJ Lavin, confronted Compono about the decision and questioned whether she was just looking for a way to quit the show. She assured him that she was there to compete, and he seemed satisfied with her answer.

At the sound of TJ’s horn, Deal and Compono competed in a test of strength and endurance, which involved smashing bricks and maneuvering a wheelbarrow to fill a bin with debris. When the dust cleared, Compono emerged victoriously and the house was left in a state of shock. Compono’s win qualified her to run the final challenge, but it’s unclear if she’ll even get there.

Based on recent Instagram posts, it seems Compono and Nichols are still together and planning their upcoming nuptials, but whether or not she had to quit the show to make it work remains a mystery for now.

The Challenge: Total Madness airs on Wednesdays on MTV.