May 14, 2020
'PUBG Mobile' Developer Dishes On Season 13 Updates

Season 13 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has just been released, and the game's development team at Tencent Games left a little message for players, according to a report from Newsweek.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that currently offers gameplay on four unique maps — Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. The Season 13 update focuses on the Central America sand map, Miramar, which now includes an in-game sandstorm. When looking at the map, players will see the exact location of the swirling storm. They can then decide whether or not they'd like to get closer by jumping into the location or making their way over by land. But while the sandstorm does add a level of excitement, it also serves a greater purpose.

When questioned about the reason for including a massive in-game sandstorm, one developer said it was all about protecting the earth.

"We would like to encourage more of our players to join the ranks of protecting the earth together. We brought in a virtual sandstorm in Miramar and recorded how it envelops the environment. By witnessing and experiencing this 'disaster' in-game, we hope players can understand the importance of protecting [the] environment because we definitely don't want this to happen in real life."

"Just as we advocated on Earth Day a few days ago, 'as long as we team up and work together, we are the most solid lv-3 helmet to protect the planet!'"
The dev went on to acknowledge the fact that introducing a sandstorm will likely make the map more challenging for some players. However, the developer insisted that creating discomfort and frustration will help raise awareness about the severity of natural disasters.

As for the other changes implemented on Miramar, the team has added new terrains and scenery in the northwestern ruins and northern oasis. These additions will add a feeling of freshness to the gameplay as players will now have to use the new buildings and scenes to formulate new plans of attack and defense. There is also a new race track, which is perfect for those looking to burn some rubber, vending machines that offer energy drinks or painkillers to quickly top up a player's health bar, and new weapons available for combat.

But besides the Miramar offerings, Season 13 brings new gear, including backpacks, helmets, and outfits for players. Players that are signed up for the PUBG's subscription service will also get access to exclusive rewards while leveling up throughout the season.

PUBG Mobile is available now on Android and iOS.