Madi Edwards Strikes A Sexy Pose In Sultry Poolside Pic

Earlier on Wednesday, Madi Edwards shared a poolside snap to Instagram, but it was only of her meal. However, those who were hoping for a shot of the model herself had their wishes answered with her newest share. She struck a sexy pose with her booty popped in the pool and showcased her sultry side.

In the photo, Madi sat on her knees in the shallow pool water as she leaned forward on the concrete. She propped herself up with her arms and placed her right hand on her head. She glanced over her left shoulder at the camera and smiled with her lips closed. Her locks were drenched and brushed behind her back. The rest of her body was also beaded with water and the sunlight hitting the water left her thigh glowing.

Her black swimsuit included a classic-looking triangle-style top and a pair of tiny thong bottoms. Her bare derrière could be seen and the sun left her tanned skin looking flawless. The tag in the post noted the swimwear was from Frankies.

Madi appeared to be wearing a glamorous makeup application that included silver eyeshadow, tons of blush, and pink lipstick. She also sported earrings as her only apparent accessory.

The pool had greenish-blue water and there was a lime green floatie on the other side. The house beside her featured floor-to-ceiling windows and a small light-colored seat was placed in the corner directly behind her. The blue sky with small, puffy clouds could be seen on the right side of the frame.

The snap has so far received a ton of attention, garnering over 4,600 likes in the first 30 minutes. Her adoring devotees rushed to the comments section to rave about her good looks.

"Powerful Presence," observed a follower.

"The Poolside Queen," a second admirer gushed, taking note of her caption.

"Gorgeous pool side," wrote a third fan.

"An angel! Xx," a fourth supporter exclaimed.

Madi also showed off her figure in a skimpy bikini a few days ago, except that time, she was photographed posing on an ATV. The upload consisted of two photos, and -- in the first one -- she held on to the handlebars and smiled widely as she arched her back slightly. A pool could be seen behind her, along with hills in the distance that were dotted with homes and trees. The shot seemed to be taken on a beautiful day, as the sky was blue and had lots of wispy clouds.