Vanessa Hudgens Gets Flirty In A Tight Sports Bra

Vanessa Hudgens wears a black dress.
Noam Galai / Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens has shared two new Instagram posts today, and in her most recent update, she showed off her flirty side in a tight sports bra. It was a short selfie video of herself striking a cute pose and smiling.

The actress’ outfit was colorful and included a black sports bra with thick, bright yellow straps. She also sported a pair of tight, multicolored leggings that featured yellow, hot pink, and bright blue tones.

Vanessa appeared to be sitting on her knees on the floor. She wore her hair pulled back into a casual ponytail or bun and rocked a chic makeup application which seemingly included shimmery light purple eyeshadow and light red lipstick. A variety of accessories further added to her look and included multiple earrings and multiple necklaces layered down her neck. A couple of the necklaces had charms on them and one was so long that it fell into her cleavage. In addition, Vanessa wore a ton of bracelets on her right wrist.

In the short clip, she held the phone up with one hand and she glanced at it directly with a smile with her lips closed. She then lifted her other hand in the air to rest on her head and tilted her head to the side.

Her backdrop was busy and included a wooden floor with a white rug on top of it. She apparently placed a gray yoga mat or another mat on top. She was well-lit thanks to the natural light that entered the room.

The video has only been available on Instagram for an hour, but it’s received over 280,800 likes already. Her many followers rushed to the comments section to send her their best wishes.

“Vanessa you are so FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol,” raved an admirer.

“Omg I’m in love,” declared a second devotee.

Others responded to her caption.

“Dang all them workouts working for you!” exclaimed a third supporter.

“Yayyy can’t wait! still can’t understand how can you have that adrenaline!! lmaoo,” wrote another social media user.

Vanessa was spotted on Instagram on May 8 in another flirty outfit. That time, she sported a blue snakeskin-print one-piece swimsuit with a large diamond-shaped cutout on her midriff. The neckline had a v-cut and the middle of her chest was embellished with a tie accent that she made into a bow. She used a filter to add butterflies to her cheeks and she smiled sweetly as she gazed directly at the camera. She appeared to be makeup-free.