Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia Failed The #FruitSnackChallenge In The Cutest Way

Gabrielle Union, Kaavia James Union Wade and Dwyane Wade attend Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2019 at Barker Hangar on July 11, 2019 in Santa Monica, California
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

The internet has served many challenges over the years, from seriously dangerous to incredibly funny. However, one challenge has been particularly cute. On Tuesday, May 13, Gabrielle Union added her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade (Kaav for short) to the mix with an adorable Instagram video.

Celebrities have joined in on the trendy #FruitSnackChallenge, in which a parent leaves a bowl of snacks in front of their child and ask them to wait for them to come back before eating them. Of course, the parent leaves a running camera on the whole scene to catch their baby in the act. While some kids have waited for the return of their mom or dad, Kaavia had other plans.

In the video, Gabrielle carried Kaavia into the room and sat her down in a chair before placing the bowl of snacks, which she called Bitsy’s, on the table in front of her. Gabrielle could be heard repeatedly asking Kaavia if she wanted a snack as she did so.

As she settled Kaavia in the chair, Gabrielle told her daughter that she’d have to wait until she got back to eat the Bitsy’s. Kaavia may have nodded, but the message was not received as she watched her mom walk out of the room.

She turned to see if Gabrielle was gone and immediately hopped off the chair and waddled her way to the table. As Kaavia ate her snacks happily while Gabrielle was around a corner waiting to see if she followed directions, Gabrielle’s husband and Kaavia’s father, Dwayne Wade, could be heard snickering behind the camera.

“Are you waiting? Are you patient?” Gabrielle questioned from another room. Kaavia faced the direction where her mommy’s voice was coming from as she chewed away on a mouthful of snacks. Gabrielle returned to Kaavia, who looked away as Gabrielle asked her about waiting.

“You ate the Bitsy’s? I thought we were gonna wait?” Gabrielle asked. After not receiving an answer from Kaavia, Gabrielle gave her permission to continue eating, which was met with the 1-year-old sprinting out of the room at full speed — or as speedy as she could get.

The adorable video gained over 1.1 million likes and over 11,000 comments.

“She wasted ZERO time,” commented an Instagram user.

“She said…. “Naaaaaah! I’m built different,” added singer Melanie Fiona, who included a bunch of crying laughing emoji and a bicep emoji with her comment.

What added to the hilarity of the post is that Gabrielle set the location of the video as “Self Control,” which baby Kaavia clearly hadn’t learned quite yet.