Savannah Prez Shows Off Bombshell Booty In Skimpy Black-And-White Swimsuit

Savannah Prez snaps a selfie.
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez is dreaming of her days before the quarantine in a sizzling series of photos. The model took to her popular Instagram page to share a set of two new shots, one of which saw her in a swimsuit.

Savannah tagged her post in her home country of Belgium, per the geotag. The first photo showed her at the beach as the golden sun spilled over her body, illuminating her bronze figure. She leaned on a large stone structure, and the crisp ocean and bright blue sky appeared at her back. She rested both arms on the prominent stone structure and gazed at the camera with a sultry stare. The model was posed in profile and made sure that her killer figure was on full display.

Savannah opted for a one-piece that wasn’t quite as hot as her typical bikini but still did a great job of showcasing her body. The garment had a black-and-white pattern that looked similar to zebra stripes. Its halterneck style showed off her muscular arms, which she used to rest her body weight against the stone. The rest of the garment clung tightly to her figure, and her pose revealed its dangerously high cut, allowing for her pert derriere and strong stems to be seen in their entirety.

Savannah added only one accessory to her beachside look with a pair of large silver hoop earrings that reflected in the sun. She styled her hair in a deep middle part, and her flowing locks went spilling over one side of her shoulder, while the bottoms of her tresses looked a few shades lighter in the sun. She appeared to go au naturel and left her blemish-free skin untouched.

The second photo in the set captured Savannah in a workout set that included a plain white T-shirt and a pair of black pants with tiny white polka dots. Her latter outfit was far less revealing but still allowed her to showcase her muscular legs.

In her caption, Savannah shared that she once felt sexy on the beach, but since she got surgery on her wrist, she hasn’t been feeling as great.

Fans went wild for the sizzling double-photo update. It has earned over 19,000 like and 350-plus comments in seven hours.

“You’re naturally beautiful! Make ups, no make ups, fancy outfits or jogging pants, you’re always beautiful!” one fan complimented.

“But always a beauty,” a second person pointed out, following up with a series of pink heart emoji.

“Hey! Hope you are fine. Be safe and be at home,” one more added.