WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon’s Real Reaction To Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy Revealed

Becky Lynch cuts a promo on Monday Night Raw

Becky Lynch shocked the WWE Universe on this week’s Monday Night Raw when she revealed that she’s pregnant with Seth Rollins‘ child. This forced her to relinquish her Raw Women’s Championship, which could have disrupted the company’s long-term plans for the popular superstar. However, Vince McMahon is still reportedly very happy for Lynch.

According to WrestleTalk, the WWE chairman fully understands her decision to pursue a family. The report also states that there is no pressure on Rollins to continue working events at the moment, suggesting that he may also take time off to ensure that he doesn’t risk infecting Lynch or their child with the COVID-19 virus.

Lynch will be absent for the rest of 2020 and possibly into next year. There have also been rumors of the superstar joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she’s made it clear that she wants to pursue more acting projects outside of her WWE career. It’s entirely possible that she’ll be out of action for even longer.

Historically, McMahon has had an unpredictable nature when it comes to surprises, which is why some fans and pundits have been wondering if he’s angry about losing the top star in the women’s division. Lynch’s stature and recent rumors of a break may have factored into McMahon’s reaction, but other superstars haven’t received the same positive reaction in the past.

As documented by Ringside News, he was reportedly upset with Mike and Maria Kanellis because they announced their second pregnancy after re-signing long-term deals with the company. They were subsequently given an adultery storyline on television that some people viewed as a punishment, and they were two of the superstars released as a result of WWE’s recent cutbacks.

McMahon is also reportedly upset with Roman Reigns for opting to take time off to be with his family. Reigns withdrew from this year’s WrestleMania because he became the father to twins, and he claimed that he had to put his family first during the current pandemic. Since then, WWE has removed all mention and footage of Reigns from television, suggesting that he has backstage heat.

The absence of Lynch — and possibly Rollins — from Monday Night Raw will come as a blow to WWE, as the company is losing more top stars during a period where ratings have dropped quite significantly. Now it remains to be seen if the company will use this as an opportunity to start pushing some of the more underutilized talents.