Joe Biden Calls Out Donald Trump Tweeting ‘Enough With The Anger And Division’

A screenshot of Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden's virtual campaign event on March 13, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is the presumed 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out President Donald Trump in an attempt to unite the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has been divisive in the United States.

“Enough with the anger and division and fear-mongering, Mr. President,” Biden said. “It’s time for you to step up, appeal to our better angels, and unite the country. We’ll overcome this crisis by coming together — not by tearing each other apart,”

Biden wrote his comment along with a retweet from Trump. The president posted yesterday about Asian Americans being upset at China over COVID-19.

“Asian Americans are VERY angry at what China has done to our Country, and the World. Chinese Americans are the most angry of all. I don’t blame them!” the president tweeted early on Tuesday morning.

Trump’s tweet about Asian Americans being angry at China came after a contentious moment on Monday during his coronavirus briefing. When reporter Weijia Jiang asked the president a question about his attempts to turn coronavirus testing into a global race, he responded with “ask China,” The Inquisitr reported. Jiang tried to ask why he specifically asked her to ask China since she is of Asian descent, but he did not answer. After that exchange, Trump abruptly left the briefing.

A new CNN poll showed that more of those people polled felt that Biden would unite the United States and not divide it. In fact, 55 percent said that Biden would help bring the nation together, as opposed to 38 percent who felt Trump would be the better choice to bring united amid the growing divisiveness in the U.S. Also, 53 percent of people felt that the former vice president is trustworthy, where 38 percent saw that attribute in the president.

In the replies on the tweet, some Twitter users referred to Trump as the “Divider In Chief” and noted that they saw Biden as the “Uniter In Chief.” Several also gave the latter some advice about taking the gloves off with Trump, noting that he cannot be nice during the 2020 campaign because Trump wasn’t nice in 2016 and didn’t seem to be changing course for this year’s election either.

Of course, not everybody who responded had pleasant things to say to Biden. Many asked him how Trump’s original tweet was divisive, and others attempted to point to the so-called Obamagate scandal that the president has tweeted about in recent days, with some adding a “Bidengate” hashtag.