Goldie Hawn Gets ‘Physical’ On Trampoline For Workout Dance Routine In Black Tank & Leggings

Goldie Hawn poses for a photo in New York.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Goldie Hawn electrified her 2.3 million Instagram fans with a sizzling upload. The short clip captured the 74-year-old during a workout routine while clad in a tight black tank top and matching leggings.

Hawn posed on top of a trampoline in what appeared to be a home gym. She failed to tag her exact location, but it looked to be a perfect day with sunlight spilling in from a large set of french doors. The room was decorated with a set of white and pink floral curtains and a few exercise machines, including a workout bike and an elliptical. The room also included a wall of mirrors that reflected a few other pieces of equipment.

In her caption, the actress tagged the MindUP Instagram page and shared that she was partaking in her “mindful movement” for the day. Hawn tagged Dua Lipa, thanking her for the new addition to her playlist while hashtagging the song “Let’s Get Physical.” She also reminded her fans to dance and jump like nobody was watching.

Hawn showed off her youthful spirit, bouncing up and down on her trampoline several times and moving her arms up and down. She defied age in a tight workout outfit that accentuated her fit figure. On top, she opted for a black tank top that hugged her trim figure. It boasted a scooping neckline that dipped low into her chest.

Her black leggings were just as tight and clung to every inch of her legs. She wore a pair of black sneakers with white soles to complete her ensemble. Hawn wore a few pieces of bling for her workout-chic look, which included two gold bangles on her wrist and a long silver necklace.

Hawn, who recently nabbed a spot in People’s 2020 “Beautiful Issue,” wore her long, blond locks messily on her back and shoulders during her routine. Her bangs swept across her face and covered the majority of her forehead and a portion of her eyes. She appeared to be wearing a minor application of makeup, which included eyeliner and mascara.

Fans have gone absolutely wild over the sizzling upload, and it’s garnered more than 413,000 views and well over 5,000 comments in only an hour. Most fans applauded her fit physique while countless others couldn’t get over her smooth moves.

“Thank you for the countless years of inspiration! WE LOVE YOU! Xx,” one Instagrammer commented with two red hearts.

“You live life so much, so much energy is flowing through you it is addictive,” a second fan chimed in.

“Feel it girl!!! Love you Goldie,” one more gushed.