Bru Luccas Promotes CBD Product In Skimpy White Bikini

Bru Luccas snaps a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas gave her 2.9 million Instagram fans something to talk about with a sizzling new snapshot that captured her in a tiny bikini. The photo was added to her page a few hours ago, and it got her fans talking.

The Brazilian model and fitness trainer took to the platform to promote a product for Just CBD. In her caption, the social media star included a promotional code for 20 percent off of any purchase. The photo was snapped at a beach, but Bru did not share a geotag to indicate her exact location. She posed in the center of the shot, and the background was blurred out, but it looked like a large rock was behind her. Bru was slightly out of focus as well, but fans were still treated to a teasing glimpse of her incredible body.

The image was taken from above her navel, and Bru wore a massive smile on her face. Sunlight spilled over her shoulders and illuminated her caramel-dyed locks. Bru did not share with fans where she purchased her swimsuit, but she flaunted her ripped figure in a tiny white top. The white swimsuit was the perfect complement to her tanned skin. Its triangular cups possessed only enough fabric to cover what was necessary and thanks to the sexy cut, Bru exposed her ample cleavage for her captivated audience.

The bikini top appeared to have a halterneck while another set of ties rested on her ribs and tied in the back. She showcased her taut tummy and gave her audience a full-frontal view of her ripped upper body. Bru held a small tin canister of the Just CBD product in her hand and showed off her beautiful red manicure.

She opted to go accessory-free and ensured that all eyes were glued to her fit figure. She wore her long, brunette locks down and slightly messy and they spilled at her back. She appeared to be wearing a striking application of makeup complete with defined brows and vibrant red lipstick though most of the shot was not entirely in focus.

The latest addition to her feed fared well with her legion of fans. The post has garnered more than 14,000 likes and 70-plus comments.

“Like the shining star radiant glow as ever beautiful stunning like a queen,” one follower gushed with a series of hashtags and emoji.

“Hello beautiful follow me,” another Instagram user pleaded.

“Muse with the best advertisements…” a third fan wrote with a few flame emoji.