May 14, 2020
Anastasiya Kvitko Sizzles In Skimpy White Bikini As She Flaunts Her Curves Poolside

Anastasiya Kvitko, dubbed the "Russian Kim Kardashian" of Instagram, posted a new pair of bikini photos to her page on Wednesday afternoon that immediately caused waves. The popular social media influencer showed plenty of skin with these new photos and her fans wasted no time in soaking them up.

The Russian model was photographed standing on the steps of a pool, leaning forward onto the ledge. There was quite a bit of lush greenery behind her, but she did not note where this was taken.

Kvitko had her long, honey-blond hair swept back over her head and her straight tresses cascaded down her back. She appeared to be wearing black eyeliner and a gold shadow on her lids, along with a mauve lip color.

In the first photo, Kvitko was photographed from the front. She had her eyes closed and her head turned to the side while wearing a serene expression on her face. She noted that her revealing white bikini was from Fashion Nova, a company she frequently partners with for social media promotions.

It appeared that this was the line's "Beach Mood" bikini that features a sweetheart top and some unique strapping. Kvitko was nearly spilling out of the bikini top, her busty assets straining against the thin straps that crossed over her shoulders.

The second photo featured Kvitko's curvy backside. She sat on the edge of the pool, her feet seemingly in the water and resting on the steps. The model arched her back slightly as she laid her hands gently on the ledge of the pool, and she again appeared to have her eyes closed and her face turned to the side.

Kvitko's long, golden hair covered her back and hung down to the top of the waistband of her bikini bottoms. The white bikini bottoms were pulled up high on Kvitko's hips and left little to the imagination in terms of showing off her iconic derriere.

Within just one hour, Kvitko's pair of photos had already been liked nearly 50,000 times. Hundreds of her followers commented and they liked what they saw.

"Beautiful girl and amazing view," wrote one fan.

"lethal combo face+body," remarked a follower.

"Blessed gorgeous astonishing queen," praised another fan.

"You are an exceptional woman baby," declared someone else.

Showing off deep cleavage or her round booty is nothing new for Kvitko. It appears, however, that this pair of bikini photos generated a lot of heat beginning the moment they were posted and her millions of followers will be anxious to see what comes next.